Liberia: Friends of Late Vallai Dorley Pay Last Respect


Monrovia – A memorial service for the late Vallia Dorley was held over the weekend with hundreds of friends paying their final respects to someone who, according to them, has touched so many lives during his days on earth.

Dorley, affectionately called Chairman Mao by friends, was an employee of the Monrovia City Corporation prior to his death on September 10, 2021.

As early as 7am, the friends of the late Dorley paraded from Clara Town, the place he used to live and then to the Monrovia City Hall, where the memorial service was held in his honor.

Besides being an employee of MCC, Dorley taught at the United Methodist University and several high schools in Liberia.

Speaking at the memorial service, the Mayor of the City of Monrovia Jefferson Koijee recalled how special his employee, the late Dorley was both at work and to the students’ community.

“If Vallai was given a moment again, to say a word, I can say to you we will be mentioned in those words. We had a sober reflection from where we came –from where it all started. Our relationship with him was excellent. He was a unique soul and a lot has been said about him,” Mayor Koijee said.

He added: “For the past 15 years, I have never shared any tears but I have reached a point that this is unsurmountable that I have been broken down because when he was alive, our relationship spoke volume.”

Among the group were Ambassador Ali Sylla, who works at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Minister Counselor and Deputy Chief of Mission at Liberia Embassy in Qatar.

Mr. Sylla said: “All for Valai M. Dorley, I’m indebted to you for your loyalty toward me. You called me, ‘Sylla, Our Leader’. You defended me behind my back with your sweat and blood. I love you my small brother, we were a good team.”

Also, Varney Dunor, an employee of the Monrovia City Corporation who works in the office of the late Dorley shared his emotional feeling on his Facebook page.

Dunor wrote: “Chairman Mao, Zikatrapatra, Number Man, the Red Book Man. I can go on and on naming all the many names he was called. We assemble today to have a National Parade in his honor and Launch a Rally in honor of the late Vallai M. Dorley.”

He added: “Thanks to Mayor Jefferson Koijee for launching the rally. We will keep the late Vallai memories on by his Educational Scholarship Fund, Hand Pumps to be built. Thanks to all of you that turn out, he will be missed but the life he lived has proven how selfless and cut across and across boundaries he was.”