Liberia: Friends of Herbie McCauley Applauds Montserrado County District 5 Rep. Thomas Fallah for Proper Representation

National Transit Authority Boss Herbies McCauley and Montserrado County District#5 Representative Thomas Fallah at a political rally

Paynesville – A group calling itself Friends of Herbie McCauley, head of the National Transit Authority (NTA), has described Montserrado County District 5 Representative as someone who is developmentally originated, and as such he is the best suited for the Montserrado County senatorial post come December 8, 2020.

Friends of Herbie McCauley is an auxiliary group that is in support of Representative Fallah’s Senatorial Bid of Montserrado County.

Speaking at an endorsement ceremony for Representative Fallah’s Senatorial bid over the weekend, Anthony Roberts, National Chairman for Friends of Herbie McCauley outlined several developmental initiatives that have been undertaken by Representative Fallah.

“Your oversight and representation brought in the pavement of the National Police Training Academy Road that links to the SKD Boulevard which is helping to ease the movement of our residents and the citizenry in general,” the National Chairman for Friends of Herbie McCauley said. 

“Also, your philanthropic role led to your financial intervention for several communities based projects which are glaring both in your district and other parts of the county. In regards to your philanthropic projects, you constructed a major bridge that links Vokar Mission with AB Tolbert Road, you sponsored the road rehabilitation of the Kesselly boulevard.”

Roberts also praised the Montserrado County District#5 Lawmaker for the construction of the T-5 Academy in Paynesville. The university has not begun full operation but Roberts says the T-5 University, when open, will offer varieties of courses that will prepare the young people for the emerging jobs market.

“In tertiary education he single-handedly constructed is the biggest university in the Paynesville area which is pending opening soon. The T-5 Academy caters to the educational needs of thousands of youths in primary, secondary, and nursing education,” he said.

According to the National Chairman for Friends of Herbie McCauley, Representative Fallah over the past decade has proffered important legislations which he said are in the interest of not only his District but the country at large.