Liberia: Former Investment Commission Executive Director Clarifies Media Report, Says He Has Not Been Re-indicted


Monrovia – Former Executive Director of the National Investment Commission (NIC), George G. Wisner, has clarified that there is no new indictment against him as reported in the media.

According to Wisner, government prosecutors filed a motion to drop charges against him which documentation was signed by his lawyer along with the government prosecutor.

The motion to drop charges was later withdrawn by the government for reasons that he is not aware of, Mr. Wisner stated.

Wisner, in a statement issued Thursday, August 26, stressed that although he finds the state prosecutors’ sudden change of mind strange and troubling, yet he recognizes their right to exercise such choice within the framework of the law.

Suspicion is now brewing in the case involving Defendant Wisner and others who were indicted by the government of Liberia on allegations of Economic Sabotage, as government lawyers make changes along the way to the commencement of the case.

Wisner is a staunch member of the ruling Unity Party and was previously earmarked by government to serve as it’s witness in the case, thus leading to a Writ of Nolle-Prosequoi for him.

But the pendulum has soon twisted, as government, through its Prosecuting Attorney, Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh have soon revoked the writ.

Nolle-Prosequoi is issued against a defendant, based on an agreement that he will serve as witness to the state.

However, Wisner attachment to the CPP, did not seem favorable on the part of government, which is believe to be factor leading to the table twisting, with the writ subsequently being withdrew against him.

His legal representation from the Museurado Law Partners are also disappointed that they will go through a discussion for said Writ of Nolle-Prosequoi to be issued and thereafter, revoked.

Cllr. Bushieben Kieta told FrontPageAfrica Monday, August 23, that Wisner as head of the NIC had no authority of issuing duty free document and insurance letter.

He said there is no letter of insurance bearing the signature of Wisner, but rather the Ministry of Finance.

“Dr. Kollie admitted to this and government lawyers admitted that they do not have a case with Wisner, but wanted the two to come out and explain how the process work,” Cllr. Keita stressed.

“We agreed and jointly filed the Nolle- Prosequoi, but we are disappointed and still asking question why they withdrew the writ.

However, Cllr. Wesseh A. Wesseh said though Wisner was a part of the indictment and was later requested to serve as a witness in said case, his representation would be a waste of time.

“We realized that nit was a waste of time, so we withdrew the Writ of Nolle-Prosequoi against him,” Cllr. Wesseh argued.

According to him, the writ was conditional and that it is the right of prosecutors to withdraw and subsequently re-file.

However, he stated that following the withdrawal of the writ, Wisner will be reindicted and the writ can be file against another person.

Cllr. Wesseh said it was the right of prosecuting lawyers to file such a writ.

“It cannot be file against him only. It can be filed against someone who will serve as state witness and it is our right and it’s not anything,” Cllr. Wesseh maintained.

It can be recalled that on 12th June 2020, the former NIC Executive Director was indicted by the Government of Liberia on allegation of Economic Sabotage for allegedly conspiring with and issuing “Investment Incentives for duty privileges” to a certain MHM EKO Liberia, “with a capital investment of USD 7,616.152; thereby creating the opportunity to defraud the Government of Liberia out of its much needed lawful revenue”, amounting to “USD 8,592.39 during the “periods of June A.D. 2013 up to and including July A.D. 2019”.

At the time, Mr. Wisner vehemently refuted the Government’s allegation as contrary to the facts with political coloration.

It is a well- known fact that the NIC does not issue duty free privileges or certificate. 

That is the function of the Ministry of Finance and the Liberian Revenue Authority.

 It is also a well-known fact that Mr. Wisner worked for the NIC between April 2014 and January 2018. Additionally, it is an established fact that the Executive Director is not the head of the NIC.

Mr. Wisner said, through the advice of his lawyers, he has refrained from making further public utterances on the matter to allow the judicial process to proceed without prejudice or politicization.

However, he noted that it has been well over one year since the indictment against him and the case has not been heard.

 He once again, reiterates his complete innocence, directly or indirectly, of Government accusations and demands a just, fair, and speedy adjudication of this very grave matter.

 He said: “I have instructed my legal team to take seize of all matters appertaining to this case and will refrain from further public discussion until at the appropriate time and when necessary to do so.”

 Wisner then lauded his family, who he claimed has also been exposed to unnecessary pain and suffering, for remaining steadfast and supportive, as well as  his supporters and the public for their understanding and solidarity during such a time.