Liberia: First Presbyterian Church Outreach Committee Donates Assorted Food & Detergent Materials To Elderly & Sick People


MONROVIA – The first Presbyterian Church in Monrovia through its Outreach Committee Team has donated several assorted food and detergent materials to their members mainly to their elderly and sick members aimed at identifying with them during this time of the Coronavirus disease in the country. 

Those assorted materials include: several bags of 25kg bag of rice and cornmeal bags, dozens of tissues, vegetable cooking oil  dozens of clor,  dozens of tiesoap, washing hands bucket  amongst other things.

The donation was made on Sunday, April 5, 2020.

Presenting the items to each member of Church at his or her respective area of residence was the Church Outreach Committee Team Chairperson Deacon Meekie Mckay who noted that the Church is cognizant of the constraints associated with the deadly Corona virus in the country, and as such, has taught it wise to identify with its people especially the needy in the church amid the crisis.

Listen to the Committee Chairperson as she presented the items separately to the members

“We have come again to pay a visit to you as a church  in the wake of the Corona virus crisis. We know we are in difficult times and to keep hygiene practice, we need food and detergents to remain home.

” Therefore the church through the outreach committee has decided  to reach this donation to you.We are pleased to present to you a bag of rice, a bag of cornmeal, a bucket for washing hands, two dozens of tiesoap, one gallon of vegetable oil, bath soap, and tissue. We pray that God continue to grant his mercy and healing grace to Liberia and the world at large. Stated Deacon Mckay as she presented the assorted items.

The Heritage Newspaper Buiness Manager amongts other things pointed out that the donation to the church members  is the first of its kind stressing that” This is our usual way of sharing our love and care through God’s words to not only our members but even with other people that are in need”. She added.

Also speaking during the donation exercise at every member residence was Associate Pastor Rev. C. Wellington Morgan Sr. who stated that the church is concern about the wellbeing of its members especially those members who are sick and old.

The Church official noted that this is just the beginning of the initiative of sharing with their members during this crisis.

Meanwhile, one of the recipients named Elder Albert Junius of the 77nd Community lauded the Church through its Outreach team for what he termed as surprised package.