Liberia: Family of A Man Allegedly Linked to Same-Sex Alarms over Threat on His Life

Mr. Alvin Gould is alleged to have been inducing young males in Liberia into gay practices, a sexual orientation that is uncommon and unacceptable by the majority of the Liberian society and culture

Monrovia – The family of a man believed to be a homosexual have expressed concern over threat on his life by an anti-same sex group in Liberia.

The family fear follows a live video broadcast on social media, where the anti-same-sex organization, “Citizens Movement Against Gay Practices” directly linked Mr. Alvin Gould to “forceful inducement’ of some youth, mainly young men, into gay practices.

On Monday, December 28, the Chairman of the group Fredee D. Konway said his group has received several complaints, that Mr. Gould is allegedly in the inboxes of some young Liberians, “attempting to induce them into gay practice,” something he sees as unnecessary.

He believes as an advocate against gay practice in Liberia, such an alleged act must be resisted and that Mr. Gould must desist from allegedly attempting to induce young people with money.

“We have gotten intelligence that some of our brothers are now inducing people to join this act. One example is Alvin Gould, who resides in Sweden and is into several persons inboxes and email daily, trying to get young men into the act against their will,” Mr. Konway said.

He said as a group, the Citizens Movement Against Gay Practices in Liberia is strongly against such practice, because the act runs contrary to the will of God.

Konway said, in a time where advocacy for and against gay practices is still an issue of discussion, “no one should force young Liberians to get involved into gay practices,” by taking advantage of their ‘underprivileged’ conditions.

He wants Liberians and other against the act to resist Mr. Gould, the man allegedly at the center of such discourse by paying no attention to his messages.

“Our intelligence has hinted us that Mr. Gould is also in connection with other institutions worldwide, involved with the promotion of such act in Liberia,” he alleged.

Meanwhile, he further alleged that Mr. Gould is his close friend since his high school days till now, and as an advocate against gay, he is strongly against such an alleged act of inducement from him.

He at the same time said Gould alleged involvement into such practice also has a negative reflection on him as an individual and a Christian, because of the close friendship both of them continue to have.

But the family of Gould, a Liberian currently based in Sweden, fear that such a call by the anti-gay rights group to reject him (Gould) has a security threat if the young Liberian intends visiting Liberia.

According to Victor Gould, brother to the accused, since the anti-gay rights group issued a press statement in Monrovia, his brother has continued to receive several threatening comments from some individuals who have follow the link.

 “We as family are worried about this situation, because we believe he is a human like any of us and that no one is supposed to ridicule him publicly for what he sees best for himself,” Victor Gould asserted.

“Though he keeps telling us that he has no intention of coming to Liberia our brother may be chased and perhaps harm by any of these guys anytime he may want to return.”

The family is also afraid that most same sex persons in Liberia are afraid to show up in public due to fear of being bully.

“Recently, you got the news in Liberia that some young men were beaten and humiliated only on assertion that they were involved with same sex,” Gould elder brother Victor maintained

When contacted via WhatsApp, Mr. Gould said, he cannot speak towards it now because it has direct threat to his life.

“I don’t think those who level the assertion against me has the right to do so, because it has direct threat to his life,” Gould said.

“I believed that everybody has the right to engage in any practice they want to, as long it does not have any direct effect on the next person.”

Gould further said he is contacting his lawyers to address the situation.

“Yes, I have been receiving threats from people in Liberia and I cannot do anything about it because I don’t have interest of coming to Liberia and as a Liberian, if I have interest I should be allow to coexist and not to be denied because of the believe of what I practice,” Gould further added.

The culture of same sex practice is yet to be accepted in Liberia, thereby forcing those in the practice to rarely show up in public.