Liberia: Elders of Nimba Frowns on Recent Attacked on Kingsman Prince Johnson, Calls on Pres. Weah to Demonstrate Religious Tolerance and Inclusive Leadership


MONROVIA – The Nimba County Council of Elders, has expressed disenchantment in the leadership of Pres. George W. Weah, following a disruption of a Sunday service of their Kingsman, Senator Prince Johnson while at his Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry preaching.

By Francis G. Boayue

The MDR Political leader and Senator of Nimba County, Prince Y. Johnson, on Sunday, came under a chaotic situation by a group under the emblem of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) Youth Council, a scene that resulted in members of Senator Johnson’s congregation feeling insecure and had to bring the service to a closed abruptly.

“Prior to the disruption of my church service on Sunday, I have earlier been hinted by a member of the LNP who remains anonymous informing me to beef up my security because folks within the ruling party is trying to tail me,” Senator Johnson said in a press conference on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

In a press statement on Monday, the Elders of Nimba condemned the violence and lawlessness inflicted by members of the Ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) against one of their own Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County.

The Elders of Nimba spokesperson Hon. Harry T. Yuan, Sr, reading the statement on behalf of the group said: “We are deeply disturbed and troubled that on Sunday, May 21, 2023, certain members of the ruling coalition for Democratic Change dressed in their party red CDC berets and resolved to sow seeds of political confusion in Liberia when they invaded the church compound of Senator Johnson intimidating him while preaching the gospel, thereby forced members of his congregation to abandon their peaceful worship and went home.”

According to him, the Elders of Nimba are therefore calling on President Weah to demonstrate: “religious tolerance, political leadership, protect the laws of the land, support for Peaceful, Free, Fair election and inclusive political participation by publicly condemning the violence and lawlessness inflicted by members of his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change against Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County,” Hon. Yuan said.  

He further called on the Ministry of Justice to “arrest, investigate and prosecute all those involved in the politically motivated invasion of the church premises of Senator Johnson by violence, lawlessness, threats, and intimidation during the worship service; as their action constitutes a violation of Articles 14&15 of the Liberian constitution bearing freedom of expression.”

He, however, lauded Senator Johnson for demonstrating not only political maturity and leadership but also saving an ugly situation by peacefully exiting the scene without retaliation.