Liberia: Dux of LRA Customs Officers Class One Urges Colleagues to Be Ambassadors of Positive Change


MONROVIA – The Valedictorian of the first-ever LRA Customs Officers Class Mohammed M. Kiawhen is encouraging his fellow graduates to remain professional and committed to duty.

Kiawhen was named dux of his class over the weekend during the graduation of thirty-three (33) LRA Customs officers from the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School.

The graduates completed three months of training in Basic Police Science

Course including Criminal Investigation, and Customs Courses among others.

Speaking when he was certificated as Dux of his class, Mohammed M. Kiawhen who is also a Customs’ Supervisor at the LRA indicated that professionalism and commitment to service are vital in executing the assigned task as customs officers. “It is an honor to serve as Valedictorian for this historic class, and I urged you all to exhibit the discipline we have gotten to attract the necessary changes in our various places of assignments. Let us be that ambassador of positive change”, he noted.

He wants graduates to properly use the knowledge and tactical skills acquired for the betterment of the country and its people. “I would like to admonish you all that the knowledge, skills and techniques we have learned should not be used against the wellbeing of our country and fellow men. Instead, let us use what we have learned to transform our country by improving the security sector, enforcing the rule of law, protecting lives and properties, and also increasing revenue collection”.

“To the graduating class, you are the celebrants for the day; congratulations upon your achievement. As we are graduating today, you have become an integral part of the Joint Security Sector of Liberia, let us do it with diligence as onto our Nation Liberia”, Kiawhen said.

Dux Kiawhen underscored the importance of the LRA Customs Security Programme stating that “this is a vital platform that has made us to know the fundamental principles of joint security operations in Liberia and by this, we will do our best to make the LRA proud”. 

“To the Joint Security Agency, we will be willing and available to make our contributions for the security of our Nation. Together, we can achieve peace and security for all”, Mohammed M. Kiawhen mentioned. 

He appealed to the Senior Management team of the Liberia Revenue Authority to ensure that all Customs Officers are enrolled into the Customs Security Programme and all necessary needed supports are given to the NPTA to effectively continue the training. “We know once you have started it, you can complete it to the very end”.

Mr. Kiawhen then paid special tribute to all those who helped in making the training a reality and successful.

“I would like to appreciate the Almighty God for carrying us through the entire duration of our training. To my fellow graduates, I want to seize this opportunity to congratulate you all for defying all odds and making it your duty to emerge as the first Customs Class in the history of the Republic of Liberia. To the Administration and Staff of the Liberia Revenue Authority, we could not achieve this success without your support. We are grateful. Thank you for standing by us in the rain and in the sun; thank you for ensuring that the Customs Security Programme is a reality”, Dux Kiawhen pointed out.

He further extended thanks and appreciation to the Faculty and Staff (Lecturers), especially the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School for the impactful teaching and professional training. “We are grateful and because of you we have come this far. Thank you for the wakeful nights spent to prepare and teach us what is most needed. Thank you for burning the mid night oil; thank you for your patience and endurance. To our wonderful support staffs, especially our cooks, who were able to provide for us in a period of 90 days without any major complains, we say a big thank you for your hard work. To our families, thanks for standing by us”.

In November 2020, the Customs Department of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the Liberia National Police (LNP) signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) for the training of Customs Officers at the Liberia National Police Academy and Training School.