Liberia: District 8 Aspirant Pledges To Work Hand-in-Hand With District Residents


Monrovia – An aspirant of District #8 Montserrado County has pledged to work hand-in-hand with residents of the district to put together ideas that could help move the district forward in the areas of good health care, better security, vocational education, and the prevention of voter trucking.

Said Cooper: “The health care we are planning to put together for our people within District 8 would be to mobilized by elders board of the district and they will be consist of seven members that will recruit five persons from each of the 22 communities in the district and they will serve as trackers for their respective community to follow up women of child bearing ages and breast feeding mothers as well as children under the age of five.”

“During our discussion with the community dwellers, we clearly looked at those two groups of people in the area of financial support for their healthcare services in the various healthcare facilities and so each of the women in District 8, will be able to obtain an identification card that would carry the name of District 8 Social Health Initiative Program and with that, we are going to easily identify all of our members of the district.”

Cooper described voter trucking as a gross violation of residents not only from his district but for the entire country and he is calling on residents of District 8 to work together in their struggle to petition members of the House of Senate and House of Representative for a bill that would be passed into law to abolish voter trucking during elections.

District 8 consists of 22 communities and aspirant Cooper is calling on residents of each of the 22 communities not to allow people who are not part of their communities to register for the 2023 general and presidential elections in the district because, according to him, it will not be fair for them as residents of their communities to allow people who are not residents of their district to be given the advantage to vote in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Said Cooper: “I’m making this call to members of this district and the country at large because if we allow for voter trucking to go on in our respective districts, we all will not be able to elect people of our choices so, please let us not allow us to be used by people who are not from our districts to register in our districts.

“If you say you are from Block ‘A’, that block leader will know all of the key residents of that block, and failure on the part of anyone wishing to cast vote without being part of that block family members will surely be denied.”

“We are going to push this advocacy to the national legislature, with NEC, with diplomatic missions in the country so that they all will join us to get rid of voter trucking and focus on the importance of voter’s rights.”