Liberia: Dillon Montserrado Development Council Embarks on Coronavirus Awareness


MONROVIA – Senator Darius Dillon Montserrado County Development Council has embarked on a county awareness and sanitization campaign aimed at helping to contain the spread of the COVID-19.

Madam Comfort Bedell who chairs the County Development Council told journalists that the team has specific targets which include hospitals and markets around Montserrado County. “We know schools are closed but the market will not be suspended; people will go to hospitals, so we are going to place these buckets at these places.”

She commended Senator Dillon for the contribution to the Council and called on residents of Montserrado to observe measures laid down by the health authority.

On behalf of Senator Dillon, Mr. Marti Kollah chief of office staff of the Montserrado County Senator thanked the council and disclosed the Senator’s continuous support towards the development and wellbeing of all citizens of Liberia despite their political affiliation.

“This is no time for politics, Senator Dillon is not interested in who supports or who does not support him. Let’s observe the rules, stay home; don’t go to restricted areas if you have no business there; let’s observe the social distancing rules,” he cautioned.

As part of the awareness, the committee is distributing several hand washing buckets to more than one thousand public facilities. “We did not put his name on it because he said he does not want his name on anything he does.”

Recently, the Dillon the special committee announced that it has earmarked several projects in Montserrado that would shortly be undertaken by the committee funded with money provided by the office of the Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon.

Madam Comfort Bedell chair of the 51-member committee that includes three members each of the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County said, provision of safe drinking water for people of the Randall Street, construction of a toilet facility in the Matadi community and the reconnection in Caldwell and construction of a toilet in the 12 Street community are key projects to be undertaken.

According to the special committee chair, up to current Senator Dillon’s office has provided US$15, 000.00 to the county representing five months deduction of his salary in fulfillment of his campaign promise.

In response to a question about the political nature of the committee, she said, “This is not a party-based organization; we cut across all residents of Montserrado. There are people of different parties who voted Senator Dillon. We are using Liberty party because we don’t want to use this money to rent a place we want to do the project with this money, we want to make an impact,” Madam Bedell said.