Liberia: Defendant Kaiser’s Sentence For Life For Killing Girlfriend


Monrovia – The First Judicial Circuit, Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice has sentenced defendant Valington B. Kaiser, alias ‘Bishop,’ to life imprisonment for the gruesome murder of his girlfriend, Fatu Blasuwoah, in the LPRC Community in Gardnerville.

By Victoria G. Wesseh, Contributing Writer

Criminal Court “A” Judge Roosevelt Willie on Thursday, March 9, ruled that evidence adduced by the prosecution shows several counts linking Defendant Kaiser to committing the crime of murder, for which he should serve a life sentence.

The defense, however, prayed for a retrial, but the court denied the said trial.

According to the court, the circumstances noted in the records of the court indicate that the verdict of the trial jurors was not contrary to the evidence adduced by them, and the defendant cannot rely on that for a new trial.

Judge Willie’s ruling further stated that in the communication and interaction between the deceased on the day of her death, the defendant committed the act. Evidence shows that they entered a local cook shop together, but he came out alone and changed his cream t-shirt, leaving a black t-shirt under.

Also, before coming out of the shop, he appeared suspicious and carefully spied outside to ensure that no one was around before coming out, and Victim Blasuwoah did not come out along with him.

The ruling also refers to several communications between both defendants Kaiser and Victim Blasuwoah, further pretending by placing a call to her mother and asking whether she had reached home when she was already murdered by him.

The ruling also noted that the defendant had sexual intercourse with the deceased before the commission of the act, which proves that he intentionally did it.

The ruling noted that evidence provided by state prosecutors show that one of the defendant’s fingerprints was identified on the deceased lifeless body, and that he was the first on the scene of the incident but refused to inform the deceased’s parents, who he previously asked whether she was home after their day encounter.

The trial, which lasted for a little over two weeks, witnessed the Prosecution parading before the court six (6) witnesses, evidence of a CCTV video recording capturing the entire murder event, as well as oral and written testimonies.

As for the defense team, they produced a few witnesses, including the principal defendant, Valington B. Kaiser, who testified on his behalf, but his testimony was not sufficient to convince jurors to rule in his favor.

Defendant Kaiser murdered his girlfriend Fatu Blasuwoah on May 15, 2022, at about 7:38 PM in the LPRC Community in Gardnerville.

Accordingly, both parties spent a few hours at the defendant’s house, but he drugged the deceased, and later they came from his house on the main road near a zinc structure, where the act was carried out.

According to the indictment, the defendant and victim later entered the zinc structure, where he stabbed the victim multiple times to death with a green knife on her neck and hands, thus making her bleed profusely to death.