Liberia: CRS Initiates Peace Dialogue Across Country, Targets Youthful Population


MONROVIA – The Catholic Relief Services (CRS) of Liberia has launched a project named and styled Let’s Talk Peace Campaign as part of effort to foster peace across the country.

Country Manager, Abena Amedormey said the project is part of the Youth for Peace Activity (Y4P) initiative aim to engage the youths within three counties, Montserrado, Bong, and Nimba to ensure how peace can be maintained.

By M. Dennise Nimpson

Madam Amedormey told the launch at the Center for the Exchange and Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) on Friday that the maintenance of peace must be collective and the young people are cardinal to the endeavor.

The CRS Boss said the initiative will harness solutions to address pressing national issues within the corridors especially as the country prepares for general elections and thereof.

 “Let’s Talk Peace Campaign will be implemented with its partners to help articulate solution to emerging issues in Liberia especially before and during elections,” she said.

According to her, the fight against violence should be collective and should not be seen as only the duty of government, international organizations and donors as such the role of the young people are pivotal.

“Peace starts at the individual level, family, community, the state, and the world for each and every one play an important role to helping defeat violence. This work cannot be left to the government alone, the international organization, and the donors,” she added.

Madam Amedormey stressed that denouncing violence means everyone should speak out against violence by using the proper means.

“Being silent in the face of injustice allow violence to continue and during the act of speaking out against prejudice the most important aspect is to use nonviolence ways and the right channel,” she said.

The CRS country Manager told the gathering at CEIO that when intellectuals meet the ideology proffer must reflect peace and the CRS together with its partner the USAID is committed at ensuring such.

As the keynote speaker, Gwendolyn Myers, of the Messenger of Peace said only a continuous peace dialogue will accomplish peace, noting the talk of people should start from homes.

She said “Liberia has the best chance to heal divisions than any country, and this should not be an exception but a rule. We must cultivate that cautions optimism for a peaceful world and tall about peace.”

The launch saw the attendance of young people from several associations including FLY, and LINSU.