Liberia: Court Staff Accused by ‘Wife’ of Illegally Issuing Her ‘Husband’ A Bill of Divorce


MONROVIA – A lady identified as Anita Davis has accused Court ‘A’ staff Sienna Ayo Marsh of fraudulently carrying out a divorce between she and her ‘husband’ that she is not aware of.

According to her, On May 14 2016 a lady from Criminal Court ‘C’ appeared at her house and presented to her a letter of consent for a divorce, from her ‘husband’.

According to her, she was unaware of the consent and therefore, did not sign it.

She added that to her surprise in 2019 while at an uncle’s funeral, her older brother presented her a copy of the divorce certificate that she and her husband were no longer married to each other.

She said, she sent a copy of the Bill of Divorcement to her lawyer, Cllr. Jimmy Bombo who confronted a lawyer named Gabriel Natt, but the lawyer denied being aware of any Divorcement process between the two.

In order to clear the doubt, Atty Natt  then cited a conference with the husband, Darlington, and the court staff who had earlier present a letter of consent to her back in 2014, but they both failed to appear.

In 2021 May, her ‘husband’ got married to another woman in a Church in Kebbah, Barnersville, and she went to confront the pastor who officiated the marriage in June.

The pastor requested for proof of marriage where she presented the marriage certificate. The lady then requested for consultation with Darlington who is supposed to be her husband.

Back in 2017, she had filed a complaint at the court against her ‘husband’. He was charged for Bigamy, Persistent Non-support, and Theft of Property, but he escaped, she said.

She further explained that her signature was forged and had no idea about how and when the divorce happened.

In an exclusive interview with the court staff, Marsh she admitted escorting a Sheriff to Anita’s House but it was at the request of her ‘husband’.

According to Marsh, Darlington came to her house and told her he wanted a divorce. According to her, she took him to the Civil Law Court to one Jayah who is now late.

She further explain that when the Writ of Summon was prepared, she was asked to locate Anita’s house along with the Sheriff.

She said, during the process, Darlington called and informed her that Anita was at the Court to sign the paper of consent.

She added that after the divorce paper was ready, Darlington called her to pick  up the Bill of Divorcement on his behalf.

According to the court staff, the lady who is now crying foul picked up her bill of divorcement from the court where she voluntarily signed it.

However, the lawyer whose signature  is on the document has vehemently denied being in the know, adding his signature was forged.

Atty. Natt has threatened a court action against the Court staff who has ‘clandestinely’ used his name and signature to perpetrate an illegal act of divorcement.