Liberia: Court Rejects LACC’s Petition for Travel Ban on Bishop Klayee and Others


MONROVIA –The Monrovia City Court has rejected a petition filed by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) seeking to prevent the former Roberts International Airport Managing Director, Bishop John Allen Klayee, from leaving Liberia.

The court in its ruling on Monday denied the LACC’s petition for Ne-Exeat Republica and declared that Bishop Klayee is a free man and has all rights to travel within and out of Liberia.

Bishop Klayee and others  are still undergoing investigation at the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission, but the Liberia Anti-Corruption without an outcome of its ongoing investigation petitioned the court to prevent them from traveling out of Liberia.

In his rulings Judge Jomah Jallah said consistent with the Supreme Court’s opinion, there must be a pending matter before said writ is issued.

The Judge said, though the LACC may have conducted its own investigation before proceeding to court, it does not warrant sufficient proof to grant such writ.

According to Judge Jallah, there is no pending matter before the court to warrant such writ.

As a result, he ordered the writ petitioned by the LACC quashed and dismissed and ordered the clerk of the court to inform all relevant authorities that Co-defendant Klayee, Duannah Kamara of the LWSC, Buchanan Port Chief Statistician  Amara Kamara and his boss Charles MacArthur Degaul and others are free to move about.