Liberia Council of Churches Urges the National Elections Commission to Release Results of the December 8 Senatorial Elections Promptly


MONROVIA – The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), through its President, Bishop Kortu K. Brown has challenged authorities of the National Elections Commission (NEC) to ensure the release of the results of the December 8, 2020 senatorial election, the national referendum and the by-elections in Montserrado County and Sinoe Counties respectively.

Last Tuesday, thousands of Liberians, particularly eligible votes went to the polls to elect new senators and representatives in the senatorial election across the country, the national referendum as well as the by-elections in Montserrado and Sinoe respectively.

The by-elections were triggered as a result of the deaths of Representatives Munah Pelhum-Youngblood and J. Nagbe Sloh.

The NEC has commenced the announcing of provisional results of the electoral processes.

But addressing a news conference held in Monrovia over the week end, Bishop Brown maintained that the commission must release in a timely manner the results that reflect the will of the Liberian people who turned out en masse to partake in the exercise.

“As we move to the conclusion of the elections, the LCC call on political parties and candidates including their partisans and supporters to maintain the peace and uphold the rule of law and avoid pronouncement of self-victory of election results”.

“We encourage the NEC to release the results of the December 8, polls in a timely and condusive manner to undermine the growing public concern about the election results”.

Bishop Brown added that the NEC must also release results that will reflect the “will and aspirations of the Liberian people as demonstrated in the December 8 polls”.


In its findings, the LCC observed that voters experienced difficulties in locating their polling places during the voting process.

According to Bishop Brown, NEC voter registration checking online system encountered difficulties including reported voter fraud.

He pointed out that ballot boxes intended for particular centers were taken to other centers without security accommodation.

He noted that the Council further observed that there were some individuals who illegally possessed voters registration cards during the process.

“We observed the poor lightening system leading to clear and transparent counting process at some polling places. We observed that voting started late at some polling places”.

“We observed that in few areas, voting didn’t take place including Nimba, Gbarpolu and Grand Gedeh counties, among others”.

At the sametime, the Liberia Council of Churches has called on Liberians to maintain the peace and security of the country.

The Council emphasized that citizens and government must collectively work together to sustain the peace.

“Liberia has made gains in sustaining and advancing peace and security illustrated by form and manner we conducted ourselves during these elections and we must ensure this is sustained”.

Bishop Brown, however, appealed to political parties and their supporters to be mindful of their utterances during this post elections period, and avoid making pronouncements that would complicate the works of the NEC.

Meanwhile, the LCC has commended the efforts and hard work of its election observers deployed across the country.

“Some of you slept overnight at polling centers; many of you worked tedious hours and most of all prayed for a peaceful election”.

“The LCC also applauds the Liberian people who in their comportment and desire to strengthen peace and democracy, went to the polls in record numbers to exercise their franchise; and the NEC and all her staff for the work and enthusiasm they have so far exhibited during the voting process”.

Bishop Brown commended the Liberian media, the international and regional observers who worked in the confines of the laws in maintain and supporting the peace, democracy and the rule of law during these processes.