Liberia Council of Churches President Urges Public Officials to Emulate 19-Yr-Old Emmanuel Tuloe’s Honesty


MONROVIA – The President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Bishop Kortu K. Brown, has challenged Liberians, particularly officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led-government of President George Manneh Weah to emanate the honest character of youngster Emmanuel Tuloe who found huge amount of monies and have it return to its original owner if citizens and others should not be deprived of their entitlements.

Founded in 1982, the LCC is an ecumenical Christian organization that comprises of churches and other religious groups operating in Liberia.

Recently, Liberians and other foreign residents residing in the country woke up to news that 19-years old Emmanuel Tuloe found a bag containing the amount of US$50,000 and LD$100,000  while en route to Tappita on his commercial motorbike for a program from Saclepea.

Upon hearing a public service announcement on a local radio station, Tuloe decided to return the monies to the unidentified woman who was the rightful owner.

The decision taken by the young Liberian commercial motorcyclist claimed the attention of not only the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and other anti-graft institutions operating in the country, but also President Weah who identified with Tuloe at his Jamaica Resort located on the Roberts Field Highway, outside Monrovia.

It landed him a golden opportunity to see face-to-face and hold a meeting with President Weah.

The Liberian Chief Executive awarded Tuloe a scholarship that covers his current 7th grade tuition up to master level and US$10,000. The President also awarded him a two motorbikes. He will also serve as an anti-corruption ambassador and earn a monthly salary.

This is a young man who could not afford to go to school but he found US$50,000; US$50,000 could take him to school but he decided to give it back. It doesn’t matter his condition he decided to be honest so we, too, have to be honest with him,” Pres. Weah said.

Pres. Weah: “I am made to understand that you are in the 7th grade with no money to continue your education; that you have no means of income except to occasionally borrow a motorbike from one of your friends when he is off-duty in order to earn a few dollars to sustain yourself”.

But speaking in an exclusive interview with FrontPage Africa at his residence in Brewerville on Monday, Bishop Brown called on government to go beyond offering gifts and others to Tuloe.

He observed that from decade to decade Liberia remains a country that has integrity deficit, and as such, all Liberians, including public officials should take a sober reflection and uphold their integrity despite temptations and challenges they are faced with or may encounter along the way.

He noted for Liberia to move forward and be on par with other countries across the globe in terms of socio-economic growth and infrastructural development, honesty and the upholding of self-integrity to standup against temptation and corrupt acts must be highly upheld.

Bishop Brown emphasized that the act exhibited by Tuloe must be a lesson to both public officials and others in Liberia.

He pointed out that government should see the need to ensure that Tuloe becomes an Ambassador for the promotion of integrity, accountability, transparency in the public sector and Liberia at large.

“The Council hails him (Tuloe) for setting good example. We think his action must be a lesson in a country where everybody talks about corruption, stealing, waste and abuse, economic maneuvering, power theft and all kinds of challenges and we still have a young person who was able to overcome temptation by doing the right thing. He showed a good example and Liberia should be able to benefit from that. All of us (including government officials) should follow his footsteps. When you see money and it is not for you and you want to take it, you must think about Emmanuel Tuloe”.

“This is commendable and this young man needs to be encouraged and rewarded nationally. He should be used as an example on how we intend to change our country. It is still possible that we can do the right thing and this lad should be encouraged to speak to other young people on serious things like integrity, accountability”.

Bishop Brown added that the business of the unidentified lady who lost the bag containing the monies could have been severely undermined if Tuloe had a corrupt mindset.

“This is just as when you take monies that belong to a road project, school project or health project-you deprive people. The government knows what to do for Tuloe”.

Speaking further, Bishop Brown pointed out that the story of Tuloe is a replica to the days of the Liberia Mining Company (LAMCO) where a man reportedly secure the save of the company and was rewarded with new motorbike every year because of his sincerity.

According to him, the moral behind the current scenario should encourage young people not to rush for “gold or big money” to satisfy their motives or grow their respective lives in an ungodly manner.

Bishop Brown emphasized that Liberians do not need to be insincere or dishonest before they can become successful in the future, noting that honesty and upholding one’s integrity pays a lot.

Stop the bullying

Tuloe became a “laughing stock” in not only his neighborhood and community in Nimba, but also several quarters in Monrovia and other parts of the country.

He is being called names for his bold step taken to return the missing monies to the rightful owner in the wake of extreme hardship and poverty.

Many persons expected the lad to keep the monies and improve his life and the lives of other family members, relatives or friends since in fact; he is from a struggling family residing in the leeward parts of the country.

But Bishop Brown called on Liberians to desist from bullying Tuloe, because he has done nothing wrong.

“All the stories I have heard about those kinds of actions over the years, people always laugh at you. They will always bully you but in the end, your integrity stand. Those bullying him need to stop. You need to promote and honor him now.”