Liberia: Congo Town Township Youth Honor Watkins for Humanitarian Services

Mr. Johnny Keleewoun presenting certificate of honor to Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins

MONROVIA – The Watkins Initiative for Nations (WIN), founded by Liberian Journalist turns politician, Y. Solomon W. Watkins has received another award for humanitarian services rendered in the Township of Congo Town.

Mr. Watkins since threw his cap in the 2023 General Legislative and Presidential Elections race pointing out that Montserrado County Electoral District 10 has a wider leadership gap that needs to be occupied with a viable leader like him. He is optimistic about defeating the incumbent lawmaker of Montserrado County, District 10 Representative Yeakeh Kolubah.

From first sight, it appears that Mr. Watkins is making all strides to represent the people of Montserrado County Electoral District 10, following the pending 2023 elections as he continues to earn the admiration of residents.

Fresh to this is the biggest honoring ceremony organized by youths within the township of Congo Town at a Unification Day program organized on Saturday, May 14, 2022. The Township currently plays host to thousands of youths in Montserrado County Electoral Districts 5, 6, and 10. 

The youths under the umbrella, Youth for Development and Social Actions (YODASA) rained praises on Mr. Y. Solomon W. Watkins, vision bearer of WIN for his expressed commitment to humanity and distinct leadership role played in impacting the lives of thousands of young people throughout the Township.

“We recognized today your distinct leadership role you continue to play in our country. We realized that you have been doing extremely well since 2014 for the people of our beloved Township and Districts especially young people and senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and underprivilege youths throughout our districts so we’ve come to appreciate you for your many contributions to nation building,” Mr. G. Yowa Newton, President of YODASA expressed.

The organization highlighted the followings as contribution of WIN to the people of the Township of Congo Town – providing 100% Tuition free scholarship to adolescent young girls, boys and women in Technical Vocational Skills Training Program with the target of reaching 5,000 persons; provided 100% Tuition and Registration fee scholarship to over 500 women and girls to acquire knowledge in entrepreneurship (business) program. Provided Scholarship to deserving students at various universities including AME Zion, University of Liberia, A. M.E.U, and UMU; Providing financial aid to underprivileged youths, students, elders, women and persons with disabilities; Providing scholarship to students attending Elementary, Junior and Senior High schools; contributed to the renovation of the Congo Town Back Road in 2018; supported the construction of Schools in Gaye Town, Peace Island, Tarr Town, Yeakpee Town and Cabral Estate; supported the construction of Town Halls in Tarr Town, and Transformer Communities; supported renovation of religious facilities in Gaye Town, God Give, Peace Island and Transformer Communities; and provided donation for roofing of schools in Gaye Town and Peace Island Communities.

Also, Mr. Watkins has donated foot Balls to Gaye Town Community and made cash contributions to the community teams; provided microloan for women and girls in various communities; providing safe drinking for the people of Divine Town, Gaye Town, Tarr Town, and God Give Communities; donated zincs to storm Victims and increase advocacy for support to communities; donated building materials including blocs to fire victims in communities; donated food and non-food supplements to senior citizens in our Township; supported the construction of annexes to churches in RC Lawson, Gaye Town, Peace Island, Tarr Town, Divine Town, etc…; promoted youth Capacity building and empowerment program; sponsored inter-community quizzing league and provided Cash Prizes to Communities overall 100, 000 Liberian dollars;  donated cash and food items to mosques in the district; donated rain gears, helmets, jackets and Gas to bike riders in the township in 2015.

Others are: Mr. Watkins contributed to the Construction of Mosque in Transformer (Kaliado Community); sponsored and distributed sanitary pad to 300 women and girls in district 10; sponsored and distributed EBOLA preventive materials to residents of our communities and marketers in District 10 including Peace Island Community; sponsored and distributed of COVID -19 preventive materials to residents  of our communities and marketers in our District including Peace Island; sponsored and donated pampers to babies mothers to clinic on Peace Island;  Sponsored and Distributed rain gears including umbrella to schools in District 10 including Peace Island Community School; donated Jerseys to organizations in various in communities; donated materials to shoes shine boys in the district; distributed among School going children copybooks; distributed sanitation materials including Wheelbarrows etc. amongst for communities use; undertook cleaning-up program in communities; sponsored health and human rights educative workshop, creating awareness on sexual and gender based violence, rape and hygiene etc.; and opened and operating training centers for men, women, girls and boys empowerment in Peace Island, Gaye Town and RC Lawson Communities in our township.

Presenting the Certificate of Honor, Mr. Johnny Keleewoun, Chairman, Movement of Change Intellectual Center located on the Old Road opposite the Kailando Hotel called on young people of the Township to support the quest of Mr. Watkins as he represents the true aspiration of the young people who are ready for change and progress in Liberia.

Receiving the awards, Mr. Watkins thanked the youths of the Township for bestowing upon him such an honor. According to him, he was overwhelmed by the honor especially this time by young people. I know I have received several awards from communities and institutions in our Township and Districts but this one coming from young people, makes me few proud.

Mr. Watkins used the occasion to call on young people of the Township and Liberia to unite in politics more because it’s the youth generation that is under attack. He said the true meaning of Unification Day is doing away with suppression, oppression, depression, eliminating illness and deaths, reducing illiteracy, reducing poverty and empowering the youths through strong law making, representation and oversight.

“It is our generation that is underprivileged. We are lacking the requisite education and no one is ready to help us fix the system, rather they are playing games with us and the future of those unborn. It is our generation that an increasing number of us are abusing drugs and no one is ready to pass a strong law to punish and hold accountable those who are bringing the drugs into the country and those who posse the substances. A law to protect whistleblowers, strong representation and oversight lacking. It is our generation that is lacking behind and is branded with negativities. We have to stop this from continuing. We have the power to do so now by uniting to change the way things currently looked,” Mr. Watkins noted.

He used the opportunity to remind the youthful population that he was joining the race because of the youthful generation and he requested them to hold him accountable to his words when elected comes 2023 as representative of Montserrado County Electoral District 10.

Meanwhile, several other youths were honored during the Unification Day event. The all-day colorful celebration held in honor of Mr. Watkins ended with a football tournament during which Mr. Watkins instituted the kickoff. Participating teams were: Kool FM, I Used to Play, and YODASA. The I Used to Play football team narrowly took the day in penalty encouraged by YODASA, the defending champ.