Liberia: Civil Society ‘Consortium’ Commends Pres. Weah’s for Appointment to 5 NEC Posts

L-r- Barsee Leo Kpangbai, Cllr. Davidetta Browne Lansanah and Floyd Oxley Sayor

Monrovia – The Consortium of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia has commended President George Manneh Weah, for appointing to the Board of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Cllr. Davidetta Browne Lansanah, Mr. Floyd Oxley Sayor, Atty. Ernestine Morgan-AWAR (Esq), Mr. Barsee Leo Kpangbai, and Madam Josephine Kou Gaye.

“In view of the nominations above which have led to widespread public debate over the competence, qualifications, experience and moral rectitude of each aforementioned nominees, the Consortium of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia launched a frantic probe into their workings and moral backgrounds relating to their family standings, public service and moral rectitude and observed that over the years these individuals have conducted themselves professionally and maintained great degree of public respect on account of their diligence to public functions,” they said. 

According to the Consortium’s release, they also observed that these individuals are respected amongst their duty mates based on their special knowledge and experience with which they help reduce the time of doing tedious tasks and making needed responsibility available in time.

“The consortium is overwhelmingly appreciative to the President for the nominations which refresh the National Elections Commission and bring a new dawn of reliable and professional leadership to the elections supervision body,” they further said.

They stated that they are convinced that those distinguished personalities will deliver the required service to the public and conduct themselves in the ambit of the law governing that body.

“Meanwhile, we are hopeful that as the below profile of each nominee makes the better case for their qualification and competence, we look forward to their being confirmed by the Senate.”

The Consortium, however, cautioned the appointees to serve well and comply with the laws and ethics governing their new call of duty so as to avoid being condemned.

“We want to again laud President Dr. George Manneh Weah for the nomination and plead with the Senate to move speedily and confirm those hardworking, trustworthy and professional Liberians whose years service in the public space demonstrate, diligence and sense of patriotism for the people of Liberia and preservation of peace of a fragile, post-war nation.

Interestingly, the Consortium didn’t include the name of the Chairperson-designate, Nigerian-born naturalized Liberian, Cllr. Ndubusi Nwabudike.