Liberia: Chief Jallahlone Hospital, Others Receive Medical Donation from Itter Pharmacy


Gbarpolu – The Chief Jallahlone Hospital in Gbarpolu County has benefited from a donation of assorted medical supplies from the management of Itter Pharmacy in Monrovia.

Items donated to the county include hand gloves, syringes, injections, malaria test and medicine, sugar test, amongst others medical items.   

The donation according to the pharmacy Manager Suzan El Eter, is aimed at helping to ease medical complications patients undergo as a result of lack of sufficient drugs that would provide requisite treatment. 

“We had a negotiation for Itter Pharmacy to establish a branch here in Gbarpolu County so that patients do not face difficulties in getting prescribed medication,” Madam El Eter said.

The drugs is placed at a cost of US$1,000 and the pharmacy has promised to make additional donation to that hospital.

According to Madam El Eter, the items were donated based on negotiation between the Mayor of Bopolu City and the management of the pharmacy.

Itter is one of the oldest and renowned pharmacies still operating in Liberia.

Presenting the medicines to authority of the county and the Chief Jallahlone Memorial Hospital over the weekend in Monrovia, ETER further that her institution was moved when Mayor Norman present an explanation on the health challenges face by the hospital in addressing medical needs.

“We were made to understand that the hospital sometimes struggle for medicines and sometimes, the prescribed drugs are not available, so a part of donating these medical supplies, we are thinking about bring one of our branches to Gbarpolu,” she averred.

She stated that the donation may be seen as little, but added that said contribution is essential to address the medical needs of Liberians who are challenged to meet medical treatments in that part of the country, noting “that’s why we are doing the small donation to the county”.

Receiving the items on behalf of the county, City Mayor Zinnah Norman, lauded the management of the Itter pharmacy for its medical intervention, describing the donation was timely.

Mayor Norman promised the pharmacy management to use the medical donation for its intended purpose.

He further stated that some of the medical supplies will be distributed at other health centers that also faced with medicines constraint.

“These medicines very essential to the people of Gbarpolu County and we appreciate the partnership between you and the county,” Mayor Norman stated.