Liberia: CDI CEO Distances His Company from NPA Corruption Saga


MONROVIA – The CEO of Creative Developers Inc., Mr. Sidiki Fofana, has distanced the company from the corruption saga at the National Port Authority, stating that his company has provided over the time provided legitimate and effective transformational marine services at the Buchanan port.

“The CDI rejects this association as baseless and unwarranted and believe it only seeks to distract from the seriousness of allegations of corruption, which must remain at the fulcrum of the National debate to end impunity,” he stated.

Mr. Fofana added, “As the Chief Executive officer, and owner of the Creative Developer Inc, I wish to state for the records that neither the Managing Director of the National Port Authority Hon. Bill Twehway, nor Cllr. Kanio Gbala of the LACC has any share within our company as those involved in the Buchanan port corruption practice will want the public to believe.”

He, however, confirmed the MOU between his company and the National Port Authority (NPA) as published by FrontPageAfrica but stated that though the head of the NPA signed on behalf of his institution, such should not be construed that Mr. Twehway is a shareholder of the company.

“It is simply a legal framework agreeing to work together for a period under certain terms and conditions. Neither of these individuals owns shares within my company, nor are they involved with its operations,” he stated.  

According to Fofana, prior to the existence of the CDI, in the absence of investment capital, he sold valuable personal properties to raise tens of thousands of dollars to enhance the firm’s administrative and operational capacity, and purchased machines needed to hit the ground running.

Fofana: “I was also blessed to form partnership with another Liberian who has been in the business for a long time. He provided additional machines and experience making our operations one of the best in the port history.”

Fofana maintained that he would never permit sector regulators to own shares in his company.

He added that CDI remains focused on its corporate objectives and will continue to contribute to the Liberian economy by providing legitimate services, creating employment opportunities for the underprivileged, and staying true to its corporate-social responsibilities to communities where it operates.