Liberia: CDC Spokesman Expresses Dissatisfaction with Current Administration


Monrovia – Samuel Worzie, the man who was booted out of his post as Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Information by President George Weah, has joined the race for the Coalition for Democratic Change’s slot for the Montserrado County Senatorial race. He is vowing to ensure that Lineia’s abor sector is improved when elected.

Mr. Worzie told FrontPageAfrica on Wednesday, July 15 that he is dissatisfied with administrative lapses in the current administration but blame it on systemic practice.

“I am not satisfied with the system, even the one inherited – this is why Montserrado County does not need a noisy Senator, but one who will change the Status quo,” Worzie stated.

Worzie, who has been vocal on the administration he once served for poor working environment, said there is still more the Weah administration needs to do to improve the livelihood of Liberians.

“Most of the problems being experienced actually goes beyond this government. As we speak, Capitol Building staffers are protesting for their salaries. System needs to be put in place to address that,” Worzie asserted.

He said these problems which are becoming unbearable, were inherited, and cannot be addressed by those he termed as “noise makers” at the Liberian Senate.

Pointing direct fingers at Senator Darius Dillon, Worzie said better wages for civil servants and other Liberians as well as lobbying for investment can never be possible if Legislators refused to put Liberians above themselves.

Worzie, a senatorial hopeful, believes no one from the CDC can better stand in such gap than him due to his ‘uncompromising’ stance of advocacy.

He is perturbed by the slow pace investments that are being attracted to Liberia. He believes he can help when given the chance to serve the people of Montserrado County as Senator.

Worzie said: “We need to strengthen our anti-graft institutions. People should be held liable for committing economic crimes in Liberia. The issue of people misapplying, or misappropriating state resources should not be swept under the carpet, they should be held libel.”

Worzie said he is not relying on the CDC to acclaim votes, if he gets the party’s slot because his name is not strange to Montserrado County.

“This is a democratic process, but we do not need special favor from anybody,” Worzie said.

Though dismissed by President Weah for “administrative reason”, Worzie says the Political Leader of CDC has no judgement over his ambition, because “it is his political right.’