Liberia: CDC Lawmaker Admits to Masterminding The Suspension Of UP Official Heading Beaches And Waterways Project


Monrovia – An Executive Committee Member of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), Representative Dixon Seboe has openly admitted to masterminding the suspension of George Young, a project manager in Monrovia. 

Seeboe, who is the representative of electoral district # 16 of Montserrado County, has expressed a grave discontent of Mr. Young, an official of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) in the district.

In a letter dated December 23, 2019, Youth and Sports Minister Zoegar Wilson informed Mr. Young that he has been suspended based upon numerous complaints filed against him.

“I present my compliments and write to inform you of your suspension as Coordinator for Region One of the Beach and Waterways Program with immediate effect without pay due to numerous complaints brought against you by leaders of your district. Your suspension is pending a full investigation into this matter,” the communication, a copy which is in the possession of FrontPageAfrica stated.

But in his reply dated January 2 this year and addressed to the Youth and Sports Minister, Mr. Young argued that the “letter addressed to me left me with more doubts about who are the leaders of my district concern.”

He expressed dissatisfaction and claimed that his indefinite suspension is an act of “injustice, witch hunt, prejudice, jungle justice, and a political delusion”.

According to him, the decision, which led to his ‘unjustifiable suspension without investigation, cannot occur in any part of the world.

“My suspension has no administrative base but rather a political intent from Hon. Dixon Seboe, and there is no cause mentioned. Hon. Seeboe has openly admitted that his action is in line with previous argument from him. Even suspension must have a cause or causes that will then be followed by a thorough investigation; none of such was done,” he stated.

Young continued: “The suspension was wholly and surely based on in-house rumor, and the decision is a calculated conspiracy which is strongly believed to be from an political link. I am strongly disappointed in the non-administrative and immature proceeding from the Ministry. Is this administration for only CDCians? Is Liberia now divided between CDCians and non CDCians? Is this the change that has been proclaimed? 

George Young, an official of the former ruling Unity Party

Misuse of power?

Responding to an inquiry from FPA on Friday, Representative Seeboe bragged that his complaint filed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports prompted the indefinite suspension of Mr. Young.

He disclosed that his action was triggered by the alleged unaccountable handling of the Beaches and Waterways project by the Unity Party official.

Representative Seeboe claimed that employees of different government ministries and agencies were allegedly incorporated into the project by Mr. Young.

The CDC lawmaker, however, did not mention the names of government employees working with ministries and agencies and at the same time receiving salaries from the Beaches and Waterways Project under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“George Young is mistaking; what we’ve said consistently is that, if you have to manage a project that is being funded by government, you must be accountable. What I have noticed in the project is, there are lots of duplication in terms of people who get resources in the project; there are lots of people who work in different government agencies; you can’t work with the Ministry of Health and still benefiting from this project,” he noted.

Seeking Young’s prosecution and replacement

Representative Seeboe expressed the hope that an investigation will be conducted into the matter to ensure the prosecution of the suspended Regional Coordinator of the project in the Borough of New Kru Town.

He wants Mr. Young to be held liable for allegedly being engaged into illegal acts.

“Those were the concerns I raised not with Young, but with his administration of the Beach and Waterways project and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Unfortunate for him, he stands as the person who manages the project. And it is because of the issues that I have raised, that’s why he’s being suspended and he’s going under investigation. Once that is done, if he’s liable than we must find somebody who’s prepare to be more accountable to handle the project,” he added.

Seeking timely and open investigation

But speaking in an interview with FrontPageAfrica at the weekend, Mr. Young underscored the need for a timely and open investigation into the matter.

He said though authorities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports are yet to invite him for an investigation, he remains ready and prepare to clear his name in order to lay the matter to rest.

Mr. Young claimed that for too long, he has been allegedly targeted by local officials of the CDC in district # 16, because of his affiliation with the former ruling Unity Party (UP).

“I was suspended for no reason by the Ministry but before my suspension, there has been numerous issues from party officials that I am not a member of the CDC. And so, they removed me from the job because I am a member of the Unity Party. I replied to the Minister’s letter asking who my complainants are and he didn’t reply or say anything to that,” he maintained.

Young further stated: “I been asking when will I be called for investigation, but since then, the Minister has not called me for any investigation. This issue is not today or yesterday; it has been going on for long. I am asking the Ministry of Youth and Sports to tell me why I was suspended. I want for the investigation to be conducted in the open”.

Residents of the densely populated electoral district #16 in Montserrado County have persistently complained about the high magnitude of division, particularly among young people, since the ascendancy of Representative Dixon Seeboe at the National Legislature.

In one of the instances, Mr. Young reportedly spent nights behind bars at the LNP headquarters on the Capitol Bye-Pass, but was released days later without being formally charged, based upon the alleged order of the CDC lawmaker.

But the CDC lawmaker has denied claims of being divisive, or engaging into acts intended to tear young people apart.