Liberia: Catholic Archbishop Frowns On Students’ Misconduct


Monrovia – The Catholic Archbishop of Monrovia Lewis Jerome Zeigler has frowned on misconduct exhibited by some students during and after school hours, adding that students who boycott classes and go on beaches must be condemned.

Report by Willie N. Tokpah, [email protected]

Calling on the students to desist, Bishop Zeigler said, “You are students, behalf like student! Look at some of your sisters and brothers who on Friday, they will put on their school uniform, they don’t go to school but come around and change into ordinary clothes and find themselves at beaches. Do not follow their path.”

Speaking Wednesday February 6, at the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Cathedral High School in Monrovia, he stressed the need for school administrators to put in place measures to prevent students from boycotting classes.

Bishop Zeigler said unpleasant such misconduct does not represent moral virtues of educated people and must not be encouraged. 

He admonished the upcoming generation of the Cathedral High School and other institutions in Liberia not to follow the path of student’s involved with misconduct.

“What they have acquired can also be passed on to you if you humble yourself and obey your teachers and older ones. You can start by cleaning your classrooms and other places clean. They will help you not to get sick,” Bishop Zeigler averred.

“To you my little brothers and sister, what are we expecting from you as you find yourself in the classroom, what are the school administrators and teachers expecting from you, is it money? Now they are expecting you to know who you are, so study hard so that one day you may join these alumna to help other boys and girls.”

Bishop Zeigler further prayed that the Golden Jubilee celebration brings positive transformation to the lives of students and alumni members of the Cathedral Catholic School.

“Whether you are a classroom teacher or a student, whether you are alumna, God will keep blessing you. This is the best way that you have started,” he noted.

For his part, the National President of the Cathedral Alumni Association Dorsla Farcarthy described the Golden Jubilee as a “mark of new beginning” of ongoing progress within the alumni association. 

“I appreciate the fact that we came from all over to meet here today and we need to do more for the kids that we have, because the opportunity that we had, they never had it due to the war and other distractions that is keeping them away,” Mr. Farcarthy noted.

He welcomed move by some of the old folks “coming around to identify projects for the school”.

He also lauded former students in the diaspora for their contribution to the school over the years, adding that the association is focused on the construction of a new office for  the school principal.

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the school runs up until Friday, February 8, 2019.