Liberia: Cathedral’s Class of 1982 Dedicates Art Home


MONROVIA – A 39-year-old graduating class of the Cathedral High School, known as the Vipers, on Tuesday dedicated their first project, an Art Room.

The Art Room project is tailored to suit elementary students gain the basic skills to get started to paint (draw) and fixed all types of beads chains, bangle, and earrings, while experienced students will explore various painting-drawing styles, techniques, and subjects as well as fixed the best in unique or custom handmade beads.

 The valued of Art Home has been put at US$15,000, which include the furniture and materials.

Viper Emma Lawson Benson served as emcee, Viper Belinde Bracewell invoked the presence of God, Viper Wleh Braproh introduced the dedicatory program of Class of 1982, stating that most of the classmates of 1982 have   successful careers.

Viper Welea Kofa of Vipers-USA won’t speak because of her long distance.

Principal Mrs. Rose Marie-Gray thanked the Vipers Class said the Art Room project is timely and will be used for the intended purpose.

Making special remark and cutting the ribbon to the Art Room, Viper J. Fonati Koffa described the togetherness and project as one of the great joy of our class, with a labor of love.

“We want encourage you students, alumnus and alumnas of Cathedral to continue to learn to give back because your growth and development will be measured to what you gave back,” Viper Koffa said.

Viper Koffa is the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives snd Grand Kru County District#2 Representive.

He furthered told journalists that giving back to their alma to show appreciation for the education and development the school provided them; to stay connected to the school community; and even to reap the social and emotional benefits associated with being a donor.

The Deputy Speaker and other students attended Cathedral from Kindergarten up to high school, where he and others graduated in 1982.