Liberia: Canadian Police Arrest 48-Yr-Old Liberian for Robbery and Counterfeiting


MONROVIA — Police in Toronto, Canada, have arrested 48-year-old, Hallie Ndorley, a Liberian in connection with robbery and counterfeiting.

He was arrested on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.

According to the police, during the arrest, officers located a large amount of Canadian cash, a large quantity of counterfeit currency, and black and white paper that police believe is used in currency scams.

The police, therefore, sent out a warning the public about a “black money scam” after making an arrest in a robbery and fraud investigation and locating a large sum of counterfeit bills.

The scams are known as the “black money scam” or “wash wash scam.”

“The Toronto Police Service is asking the public to be aware of this fraudulent scam, and remember, that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” police said in a news release on Thursday.

Police said these scams are accomplished by giving the victim a large quantity of banknote-sized black or white pieces of paper. The fraudster then convinces the victim that if they buy a special solvent from them it will remove the dye on the paper and they will become real bills.