“Liberia Can Beat COVID-19 If…” – Health Minister Pleads with Citizens to Follow Preventive Measures

MINISTER JALLAH: “The virus is here, so we must all work as a people in unity to defeat this virus”

Monrovia – Health Minister Dr. Wilhemina Jallah has warned that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic cannot be successful if citizens overlook all the health protocols including the wearing of nose masks.

Speaking at the weekend when the Ministry began the distribution of nose masks in the country, Minister Jallah noted that cases of COVID-19 is increasing daily and the need to stick to all of the health protocols is cardinal at this moment.

“With the wearing of masks, including the regular washing of hands, social distancing and go home early, the country can make a big difference in curbing the spread of the disease,” Minister Jallah emphasized, adding that Liberia will only defeat COVID-19 through the involvement of everyone.

This, according to her, must include community leaders and residents themselves as well as various stakeholders, adding that it would be unhealthy for a single Liberian to risk his or her life by disobeying the preventive measures.

“The virus is here, so we must all work as a people in unity to defeat this virus,” the Health Minister said.

Minister Jallah said the ongoing distribution of five million local-made masks is aimed at ensuring that no one is left behind in adhering to the preventive measures.

“This distribution is to make people to wear their mask and encourage them to go home early, which is very important in this difficult time of our Country health history. We’re encouraging and will continue to encourage them to wear the mask and go home,” she said.

The Health Minister then emphasized the need for more testing so that people, who are positive, can be isolated, something, she said is the “best way of speedily eradicating the virus”.