Liberia: Boakai Urges CPP to Allow Him Lead the 2023 Ticket in Order “To Take Weah Down”

JOSEPH BOAKAI: “I am confident of receiving the standard bearership of the CPP because I see myself as the candidate that can take Weah down. If the CPP wants to win and take Weah down, Boakai is the man to do that this is in no disrespect to my colleagues in the CPP.”

MONROVIA – Mr. Joseph N. Boakai, standard-bearer of the former ruling Unity Party and former Vice President to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has said in a zoom interview that he is the only person in the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) capable of defeating President George Weah in 2023.

The CPP is a conglomeration of opposition political parties including the former ruling Unity Party (UP), Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Mr. Alexander Cummings, the Opposition Liberty Party (LP) of the deceased Charles Brumskine and the All Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman Benoni Urey.

In a Friday night interview with talk show host Henry Costa, Boakai said he is confident of receiving the CPP’s nomination to be the standard-bearer to lead the collaboration in 2023.

“I am confident of receiving the standard bearership of the CPP because I see myself as the candidate that can take Weah down. If the CPP wants to win and take Weah down, Boakai is the man to do that this is in no disrespect to my colleagues in the CPP,” he said.

Responding to concerns from his supporters about his perpetual silence on issues that matters most to the Liberia people he said, he normally doesn’t speak because people want him to but because it makes sense and wants people to listen and learn.

 “I know the Liberian society is a talking society. When we gave our concession speech after the 2017 elections, we promised to work with the government. We promised to support it. Unlike the other people, we were not going to wait after one year to jump on the government. I don’t talk because people want me talk. I talk for people to listen and learn and don’t talk because I want people to be heard.”

Concerning health issues

Boakai allayed issues about his health by saying he is strong, energetic, and has no problem to complain about. He also believes some of the concerns about his health condition raised by people are not raised because those people are concern about his health but because they want him sick.

“I am very grateful to people who are concerned about my health. I am very healthy and I know it if I wasn’t healthy with all honesty I will not be vying for a position when I know I will not be able to serve. “Their concern about me not being healthy is not that they know that I am not healthy but because they want me not being healthy but they are disappointed because I am energetic and have nothing to complain about, I move around. Let them transfer their sickness somewhere else.”

He has asked Liberians to give him a chance to serve them as their President because, according to him, he has a vision of putting Liberia back on the map with its allies and setting the stage for the next generation of leaders. For him, he said, it’s not about getting the power it’s about serving his country and the people.

“Give me the chance, I still have the energy to serve and I think the Liberian people need a leader who’s been there and has worked with them. Liberian people haven’t really gotten the leadership that got them at heart. They need someone who knows what the problems are, I am not looking for power. I am looking for opportunity to serve. I am looking for no money.

“I have a conviction that God has placed in me that heart to provide such a leadership to set the stage for the younger people to take over. I am ashamed of Liberia and I have been ashamed of Liberia. This country needs someone to set the stage and give them hope not someone looking for power.”

About Liberia US fading relationship

The former VP said it is unfortunate that since the election of the Weah Government none of his officials including the Vice President, the Speaker, and Deputy Speak have made   efforts to visit the President of the U.S. or his Secretary of State.

“Most people don’t understand today why the President, Vice President, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, cannot visit the U.S. It’s unfortunate. It doesn’t matter how many phone calls you make you need to make your presence felt.

“It’s unfortunate that the President cannot visit the U.S. President or the Secretary of State. Unfortunately, this country is forgotten by the U.S. and that is a matter of concern.”

Ending the culture of impunity

He also promised that under a Joseph Boakai presidency, people will be made to account for their actions and inaction which he said will end the culture of impunity. He promised to lead by example and run a government which core interest will be respecting the rule of law.

He cautioned Liberians to elect people not because they are their tribal men of women or their relationship with them but because they are able to lead them and manage the country resource s to benefit everyone.

“I will lead by example by starting with myself and that would include respecting the rule of law. I will be a leader for the country and not friends, family because the people surrounded their resources to you to manage and not for family that is the kind of leadership we will bring. Leadership is not for fun we should be careful how we choose leadership. We should be careful not to elect leaders because of friendship and their personal resources.”