Liberia Bishop Community “Acknowledges” Bishop Gorloryorn

Greater Refugee Temple Church Bishop Nathaniel Zarway crowning Bishop P. Alfred Gorloryorn after accepting him in the Bishopric Community in Liberia

Paynesville – The Liberian Bishopric Community has accepted and acknowledged the Bishop of the Seed of Abraham Christian Center Inc. Lighthouse Church, Bishop P. Alfred Gorloryorn.

Bishop Gorloryorn was accepted into Bishopric Community over the weekend by by Bishop George D. Harris of the Diocesan Bishop of the Philadelphia Church in Congo Town.

Bishop Harris praised the Bishop Gorloryorn for coming to be a part of the community in Liberia despite him being consecrated and ordained in the United States.

“He was ordained to the office as Bishop after being prudent of the senior ministers of his parent church in the United States,” Bishop Harris said.

“He came home to Liberia, he realised and thought it wise and prudent that there are other senior prelates. So we studied and investigated, prayerfully considered and we said that you are on the right track,” Bishop Harris added.

Adding, “We have not come here to consecrate him as Bishop because he is already consecrated. We respect those who already consecrated him.

“We have come to affirm and attest our fellowship to him to say Man of God, you are man of purpose and destiny. Let’s work together.”

Making his acceptance remark, Bishop Gorloryorn, who was ordained by Bishop William J. McDuffie of Seed of Abraham Christian Center International Church, said he felt honoured to be inducted into the Bishopric College of Liberia.

Bishop Gorloryorn further said he was informed by Bishop Nathaniel N. Zarway that he was one of the first persons to be ordained in the America and come to recognize senior clergymen in the country.

“I feel honoured, delighted and dignified to be member of the Bishopric Community of Liberia,” Bishop Gorloryorn said.

“Bishop Zarway told me that I am one of the first to be ordained abroad by the Americans and say to them until I go back to my house and my house bless me.”

He was crowned by Bishop Zarway, who is the head of the Greater Refugee Temple Church with headquarters in Congo Town.