Liberia: Beach and Waterways Cleaners Call on Government for Additional Funding


Monrovia – Beach and waterways cleaners are calling on the government to allocate additional funding to beef up the current one million that was allocated to them for a year.

The project in 2011 was initiated by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It was put on hold because of a lack of funding during the early stage of President George Weah’s government.

By J.H. Webster Clayeh (0886729972)[email protected]

Eric Kwahin is one of the supervisors of the project. He told FrontPageAfrica at one of the cleaning exercises in the Township of West Point that despite the suspension of the project, they in West Point took on a voluntary initiative to clean their beach and ways.

According to Kwahin, the money the government has set aside for the project is unable to run for one year.

“We have had different meetings and we know that one million is small for this project and so we are appealing to the government because you can see the level of enthusiasm in the different communities of how people want to work. It will put money in people’s pockets and will take people out of poverty,” Kwahin said.

He added: “These are people who are connected to the government. It will be a good thing for the President to think in his wisdom to add the money up. Three or four million will be best for this project.”

He added that most of the people who are working on the project are single parents.

“Women who are not financially potent are the ones implementing this project,” he said.

Kwahin added: “There has been an incremental level in the project. We start originally at 350, we went to 800, and the current number of participants is 1,017 persons only in West Point Township.”

“The project has reduced sanitation in the Township of West Point and it is helping our people financially.”

Elizabeth Broom is a resident of West Point and is the of the cleaners.

She said: “The project is doing good for us. Most of us did not go to school. So, we are suffering. Thank God for this small work and when the government pays us if it is time for us to vote we will vote for them but if we are hungry, we will not get the strength to vote for them.

Sarah Sadiah another cleaner said: “This work is doing good things for us. That is sending my children to school. My mother’s house, that the work is done to build my mother’s house.