Liberia: Anointed Power Solutions Donates 200 Pieces of Solar Reading Lights to Education Ministry


MONROVIA – Small, yet a very significant donation – giving children light to learn in areas where candles and lanterns are the main easy-to-afford options for them. Anointed Power Solutions Inc. is seeking to make a difference in the lives of Liberian children, as far as education is concerned.

At the Ministry of Education last Thursday, Anointed Power Solutions, Inc. donated 200 pieces of solar lamps intended to be distributed amongst students in deprived communities. 

“As a company operating in this country, we see it necessary to give back to the community, so we decided to make this little presentation of 200 pieces of lights made specifically for children. This will enable them to do their home works and study after school. They wouldn’t have to use candles and lanterns which are not good for the eyes,” said Mr. Samuel Adjei Boateng, Chief Executive Officer of Anointed Group.

According to him, the lights were designed to withstand shock when dropped to the ground, it is also waterproof and charges with just a little sunlight, which makes it very ideal for children.

“It was designed to be used by students. So, since children are rough, it is manufactured in such a way that it would not be easily damaged,” Mr. Boateng said.

Mr. Boateng seized to the opportunity to display to the Minister of Education, Mr. Ansu Sonii and his principal deputies some of the works his company is involved with when it comes to education. 

He displayed an Education Project Kit For Kids which contained several pieces of electronics to help students, beginning 3rd grade, understand the innovation behind some of the electronic gadgets they play with. He said, the Education Project Kit also boosts smart thinking among students.

“The children often want to know what makes their toy to function the way it does, so they want to open it and know what is inside. With this Project, they said easily understand the engineering of these toys,” he said. 

The Education Project caught the attention of the Education Minister who showed interested in the kit and said it would be very significant in the promotion of science education in Liberia.

“This is what we need to take our children from Facebook so that they can start some smart thinking,” he said. He reiterated that smart thinking must start from 3rd grade. The kit, he believes, help in reducing the number of hours students spend watching movies and gaming.

Without making a definite commitment, Min. Sonii said, he would study the possibility of ensuring that at least each class of each public school get at least one of the Education Project Kit.

Minister Sonii also expressed interest in Anointed Group’s all-solar home appliances comprising a DC-to-DC television set, fan, radio, light bulbs, which he said could be very useful to teachers in rural Liberia and could motivate them to remain in those leeward areas.

He thanked Mr. Boateng for the donation and assured him that the Ministry would strive to purchase more of the lights for distribution to schools in areas where it would be most needed.

Anointed Power Solutions Inc. is an established electro-mechanical company offering solutions in highly specialized area of operations, to industry. They undertake complex overhead power lines installation and design distribution networks for building complexes on client compounds.

They also deal in retail, servicing and maintenance of electric power generators. Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, Anointed Group also has a branch in Sierra Leone and Liberia.