Liberia: Angie Brooks International Center Celebrates International Women’s Day


Congo Town – The Angie Brooks International Center for Women’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, International Peace and Security on Tuesday, March 8, joined the world over in a panel discussion on the celebration of international women’s day, under the theme “Liberian women must be at the table, Break Bias” held at the C. Cecil Dennis conference hall at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Centre said it envisioned becoming a leading global institution dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of women’s leadership in all aspects of development with particular emphasis on political participation, peace, and security.

The panel discussion brought together women leaders, from all over the country to discuss the challenges women face for not sitting at the table to challenge their male counterparts to become leaders.

Given an overview of the panel discussion, the establishment coordinator of the Angie brooks international center for women’s empowerment, leadership development, international peace, and security Cllr. Dr. Yvette Chesson-Wureh urge women to outline their challenges so the issue of women empowerment can be visible in bringing women to the table  

Madam Chesson-Wurwh also cautions women to take education seriously so they can be able to venture into politics to get women at the table.

The Cllr. Dr. Chesson-Wureh then urged women to start a five dollars drive to save up money for the successful participation in politics in the county citing that the five dollars are the future because it can make the difference in bringing that to the table Madam Chesson-were said.

“Start that five dollars drive they can go in the market every day and put aside five dollars and that five-dollar is for the future because you are going to make the difference and you are going to bring women issue to the table”, “We think outside of the box, don’t be scare about the money, let’s start small and let’s encourage other women to support us”, she asserted.

Serving as a guest at the panel discussion on the day marking then international women’s program the Chair of the Board of the Angie Brooks International Centre for Woman’s Empowerment, Leadership Development, and International Peace & Security Madam.

Olubanke King Akerele caution women to be strong take a stance and move they will be supported by women’s group no matter which political parties they are from.

“What I am saying to you all is when you strong and when you want to take the stands you move ahead and we will be part of it, we don’t care about which political parties you are from but the women have to move forward in this nation and getting us together to do something, positive Madam. Akerele said.

Explaining challenges that women face within getting at the table the District Commissioner of Wanhasa District Lofa county Madam Julia Russell said one main challenge that women face is the issue of quality education.

Madam Russell said Fear is another challenge women face within coming to the table, also the financial issue can stop women from coming to the table.

According to the Lofa District commissioner, tradition is one of the issues stopping women from coming to the table.

She also asserted that women are engaging in the selling of drugs across communities wish is harming the future of the youth of the country most especially young girls and boys wish is expected to be future leader for the country, Women is in the constant habit of selling drugs in the various communities across the country.

“Women damaging the future of kids by selling drugs in the communities”.

 “Women are to fight for themself, rise to stop the issue of drugs in the communities across the country”.

Also speaking Madam. Kadiatu Bah of district 17 Montserrado county said Women should push for themselves in moving forward and getting at the table.

She said some of the challenges facing youth and women is the issue of no job and quality education which at the same Women need skill training in competing with their male counterparts.

She further noted that some women want to come to the table but because of the finance, that’s why they don’t come to the table as such women need empowerment and women should be brave in taking on responsibility in getting them at able.

“Women are afraid that when they get into politics people will castigate and call them all types of homes.”