Liberia: ANC Political Leader Alexander Cummings Still Confident of Rebuilding the Collaboration Political Party


Monrovia – Alexander Cummings, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) says despite the chances of making President Weah a one-term President is becoming slimmer by the day after the departure of the Unity Party (UP) and the All Liberians Party (ALP); he is optimistic of working with other like-minded individuals to reawaken the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) to discontinue the Weah’s administration comes 2023 election.

The CPP became a formidable force during the past senatorial election-winning many of the vote-rich counties. But all is not good for now as the political group is at the center of a major court issue that has to do with the altering of its framework documents.

The case at the court has taken more than its stipulated time. Also, two of its constituent political parties, the UP and the ALP have walked out of the political marriage.

The political wrangling within the CPP, according to political pundits, has caused many Liberians to lose interest in voting for the CPP come the 2023 General and Presidential Election.

But appearing at the 50-50 talk show on Sky FM Monday morning the ANC’s strongman Cummings says he is confident that the once formidable CPP will get back on track to bring the real change that the Liberian people have long been yearning for.

“When to the CPP with good faith, we went into the CPP believing that working together will increase our chances of making President Weah a one-term President but unfortunately that has not worked but we are still in the CPP, the ANC, the Liberty Party are still in the CPP,” the ANC’s strong man said.

Cummings added: “If you are coming from Bomi County to Monrovia and you get in a vehicle and it breaks down in Duala and has not completed getting to Monrovia. You will get down, repair the bus, if it needs new tires, or whatever it needs, you repair it and continue your journey to Monrovia.”

“The CPP was the vehicle we hoped –for us, to win the election in 2023. It is proven that the vehicle has been broken down. We will repair the vehicle; we will reach out to other institutions to join us and we will continue the journey to Monrovia and give our people an alternative. We are a different group of people that want to change Liberia for the benefit of all Liberians. We are committed to real change,” he said.

According to Cummings few people are benefiting from what he terms the misrule by the current government. However, he promises that the CPP government will seek to uplift the livelihood of teachers, securities personnel, healthcare workers including servants, and a whole lot more people from different sectors.

“These are what we want to offer our people. The vehicle has been broken down but we want to fix the vehicle and move to Monrovia we will present our case to our people and I believe that the Liberian people will make the right decision by making Weah a one-term President,” Cummings envisages.