Liberia Amongst Least Secure Countries in the World – Report


Monrovia – Liberia is amongst the five least safe countries in the world, according to a new poll conducted by an international firm, Gallup.

The 2018 Gallup Law and Order report which was compiled after asking people if they felt safe walking at night or have been victims of crime.

The results are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews conducted in 2017 with 1,000 people – aged 15 and above – in all the countries surveyed.

Liberia is in the bottom five of a list of 142 countries.

The West African nation, which earns 56 points, is along with Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Gabon.

Venezuela is ranked the least safe while Singapore is ranked the safest in the world.

IN Africa, South Sudan is ranked the least safe country while Rwanda (83) is the safest.

Ivory Coast (67), Guinea (68), Mali (66), Nigeria (66), Ghana (66), and Sierra Leone (61) all scored better marks than Liberia on the law and order index.

Galloup complies the positive response to the questions into a law and order index score for each country.

According to the report, the higher the score, the higher the proportion of the population that reports feeling safe during the survey.

The report, which covers the year 2017, is published less than two months after the Liberia National Police released a statistic collating the number of crimes that have occurred between January and April this year.

That report also followed the raising of red flag on Liberia by the United Kingdom – cautioning its citizens in the country about a possible terrorist attack.

There have also been concerns about a ‘missing link’ in the gathering of intelligence by police.

Some experts including veteran security professional Steve Zargo, who is the chair on the Senate committee on Security and Intelligence, questionable appointments made in the national security institutions that are most likely creating loopholes in intelligence gathering.