Liberia: Amid Euphoria: ANC National Convention Fever Rocks Ganta


Ganta, Nimba County – Liberia’s emerging economic hub of Ganta City, Nimba County turned euphoric over the weekend when all roads to the Central heartland of Liberia led to this commercial city. Scores of delegates from across the country trooped in to Ganta from every nook and cranny of the country to the much-talked about national convention seeking to chart an alternative for a new Liberia.

Report by Alaskai Moore Johnson, [email protected]

Youth groups and “ANC militants” were up and about doing last minute personality marketing to fill places on the National Executive Committee of the party. Chanting and sloganeering characterized the activities of much of the evening and in the Wuo-Garbie Tappia Intellectual Center hall.

The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) 3rd National Convention, is being held under the theme: “The Alternative Liberians Deserve” and it runs from May 3rd to the 4th.

On a local radio station on Thursday evening, ANC political leader, Hon. Alexander Benedict Cummings assured Liberians of the alternative that Liberia deserves and the compelling need to rebrand the nation’s history. He lashed at President George Manneh Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change-led government’s incompetence amid the alleged missing L$16 billion and vaguely executed US$25 million mop up exercises.

Mr. Cummings said the Weah-led administration has absolutely no clue changing the deplorable living conditions of the Liberian people. He maintained that President Weah has deliberately ignored the Code of Conduct and violated every Public Financial Management Law of the country. “The President’s inability to openly declare his asset prior to building huge duplexes and acquiring numerous properties he could not acquire before his ascendancy, clearly suggests that Mr. Weah and cohorts are on a stealing spree.”

In Mr. Cummings’ greeting note in the ANC’s convention program, he admonished ANC members: “Fellow partisans, things may seem bleak at the moment for our nation as it is glaring that all of the gains made by the past administration are being quickly eroded and our nation is fast sinking back into the abyss of despair. I know and empathize with the struggles each of you face in finding jobs, paying your children’s school fees and feeding your families. I know how much some of you are targeted, sidelined and denied employment opportunities, solely on the basis of your political association with the ANC, which is a violation of your constitutional rights. However, I am of the strongest conviction that all is not lost. We have been through more difficult times before but it is in our nature as Liberians to always find a way to pull ourselves by the bootstrap and overcome our challenges.  Most importantly, as members of the ANC, we have in our hands and written on our faces the energy and fortitude needed to change the course of our country, as the Alternative Liberia Deserves.”

The ANC’s political leader is yet to officially address the convention delegates. He is expected to do so late Friday evening.

In her greeting note to fellow partisans, the convention chairlady, Madam Saydah Williamson Taylor, charged them to reach out: “We as a party, wanting to take state power will have to work effortlessly in every city, district, town, clan, and village within each county of this country, Liberia. We as a party; will have to reach out to our traditional leaders and institutions, elementary, junior high and high school students, faith based organizations and institutions, religious organizations and institutions, to the young men and women who feel left out of the equation to have the “Liberian Dream” to name a few. This journey will have to be the responsibility of each member of ANC regardless of position if we must stir the course of our individual future, members and groups of our society, the youth of today, and the unborn generation that is yet to arrive.”

Also in his farewell message as chairman of the ANC, Mr. Orishall Gould stated: “The Convention this year, 2019 marks my last convention as your National Chairman as I have decided not to seek re-election. I am forever grateful to you all for the support during my tenure as your Chairman. We are where we are today only because of you and indeed you have my highest honor.” He also used the convention to offer apology to all he might have offended over the years during his tenure. He also craved their forgiveness and he, too, forgave those who may have offended him along the way.

On the side lines of the convention euphoria, Ganta also played host to Montserrado County District Number 10 Representative, Hon. Yekeh Kolubah who travelled to the county to mobilize support for the overly talked about June 7 demonstration organized at the behest of the “Council of Patriots.” Ganta, like Gbarnga was brought to a standstill owing to the visit of Rep. Kolubah, who was thronged by hundreds of supporters from all walks of life. There are reports that market women in Gbarnga spread their lappas for Hon. Kolubah to march on them.