Liberia: Amb. Joseph Boakai Likely Not to Testify in Cummings’ Trial


MONROVIA – Judicial sources have informed FrontPageAfrica that former Vice President Joseph Boakai did not receive the Subpoena from the court sheriff over the weekend when it was taken to his Rehab residence.

Amb. Boakai was being subpoenaed by the Monrovia City Court to testify in the ongoing forgery and criminal conspiracy case against the political leader of the ANC, Alexander Cummings, its National Chairman Daniel Naateeh, and Secretary-General, Counselor Aloysius Toe.

Benoni Urey’s All Liberian Party (ALP) which supported Boakai in the CPP ran to the Government accusing Cummings of altering the Framework Agreement which held the leading opposition group together for close to 2 years. On ALP’s complaint, the Government charged Cummings and two other leaders of the ANC for “forgery and criminal conspiracy”.

Cummings has denied the charges calling them “false and politically motivated”.

Supporters and partisans of the ANC have termed the trial a “political witch-hunt and persecution” intended to smear Cummings, dampen his momentum and exclude him from participating in the 2023 Presidential Elections.

At the time of the issuance of the writ of arrest for Cummings by the government, Boakai was the rotational chair of the CPP and has been repeatedly publicly touted as the star witness for the government by the Solicitor-General who is leading the prosecution in the Monrovia City Magisterial Court.

But according to sources, Boakai is preventing the court officers from serving a Writ of Subpoena Duces Testificadum on him.

A source said, over the weekend, the former vice president made himself impossible to be reached with instructions to his securities not to allow the sheriff to enter his Rehab residence. This is after the Solicitor-General publicly announced that Boakai will appear in court on Tuesday, April 19, as the “Star Witness of the government”.

The SG’s announcement followed Magistrate Jomah Jallah’s grant of State Prosecutors’ request to have Mr. Boakai appear to testify for the Secretary-General, Counselor Aloysius Toe.

The reported evasion of the Former Vice President of 12 years in the UP-led government has raised public concerns about the validity of the allegations against Cummings.

The available public records show that Cummings did in fact share the drafts which the CPP lawyers were asked by the four parties to revise and amend and that the four parties signaled their approval and consent prior to the submission to the National Elections Commission (NEC).

This critical and provable fact undermines the accusation against the accused which suggests without evidence that as Chair of the CPP, Cummings and his ANC acted unilaterally and without the knowledge, approval, and consent of the other parties in registering the Framework Agreement of the CPP.

Mohammed Ali, Secretary-General of the UP, did not shower himself in much glory when he took the stand at the NEC on Saturday, in the ongoing investigation of a complaint of the CPP not to permit the UP to field a candidate in the upcoming Lofa Senatorial By-Elections due to a provision of the Framework Agreement which forbids fielding of candidates in the name of a withdrawing party.

The UP and the ALP have both announced withdrawals from the CPP and are challenging this provision as “violating its constitutional right to associate or refuse to associate as provided for under Article 17 of the Liberian Constitution.”

But the CPP of the ANC and the Liberty Party are counter arguing that the UP and the ALP cannot be forced to remain with the CPP but having agreeably enjoined with them in a legally enforceable contract which the Framework Agreement represents, Article 25 of the Liberian Constitution, therefore, obligates the four parties and forbids any impairment of the enforcement of the contractual obligations upon them.

Meanwhile, efforts to get comments from Amb. Boakai on his willingness to testify in court did not materialize.