Liberia: Amb. Christine Elder Urges Peace Corps Volunteers to Discover Talents in Liberians


Monrovia – Christine Elder, United States Ambassador to Liberia, has cautioned Peace Corps volunteers to help discover and develop the talents of each Liberian in the classrooms.

Amb. Elder urged the Peace Corps volunteers to inspire and challenge students as they teach literacy, math and science, and science laboratories in schools across nine counties. 

Ms. Elder: “Liberia and the United States share a special bond. In the counties where you are to live, you are as much an ambassador of our country as I am.”

“As you live amongst Liberians in their towns and villages, please know that we take great pride in your work, work that will have a positive impact on thousands of Liberians.”

She continued, “Meaningful and sustainable change take generations, and you are contributing to that in a very important way. I am confident the experience will be equally transformative for you.”

On Friday, August 31, 37 peace corps volunteers were sworn in a program.

I look forward to visiting you, seeing you in action in your villages, and learning from your experiences.

It is a great honor to have you here today to celebrate the swearing in of our 37 Peace Corps Volunteers.  

Madam Elder said she has never seen any country or government embraces and appreciates the role of Peace Corps Volunteers like Liberia.  

“We are grateful for your personal engagement and the support of your ministries with which our program works so closely,” She added.

According to her, President George Weah has made access to a quality education a priority in Liberia’s national development plan.

She said evidence has shown prioritizing quality and access to education is the most sustainable path to lift people out of poverty. 

“We are proud to have a central role in that effort, by sharing America’s best and brightest minds who will uphold the highest standards of professionalism, excellence, and integrity in their teaching and interactions with Liberians.” 

Furthermore, she thanked the Peace Corps staff – Kristi, Becky, JB, Zayzay, Sam, Stephen, and Dida, host families, and the city of Kakata, which has hosted the group for the past few months.  

“Before the volunteers are scattered across this nation, the good people of Kakata opened their homes to give them a glimpse into the lives of real Liberians,” she said.

Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Marwine Diggs congratulated the volunteers adding that their actions are patriotic.

She further urged them to preach the message of humility, peace as they explore communities in Liberia.

Madam Diggs said Peace Corps swearing in is a true testimony of volunteerism.