Liberia: Amb. Ali Sylla Provides Safe Drinking Water to Residents in Monrovia amid Lockdown

Ambassador Ali Sylla at Front Street Instructing Residents to place their gallons in the queue for free water

Monrovia – Ali Sylla, the charge d’affaires of Liberia’s Embassy in Doha, Qatar has begun the supply of safe drinking water to residents of Monrovia in an effort to ease the many burdens the shortage of water supply is causing for many residents in Monrovia, especially during the Coronavirus lockdown period.

The initiative which started three weeks ago, according to Ambassador Sylla, is called “Water Is Life” and it is a US$7,000 project.

“Access to safe drinking water is essential in the fight against COVID-19,” Ambassador Sylla said at one of the distribution sites on Front Street.

The issue of inadequate water supply is a serious problem for citizens, especially those living in of Central Monrovia and the lockdown caused by the coronavirus has even made the problem worst.

“We have been able to provide 135,000 gallons of water to Central Monrovia and as you can see today is our 38th community. We are serving the people at the Front Street,” he said.

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, Ambassador Sylla was providing hot meals for people with mental illness and disadvantaged youths but he had to shift his gesture to the area of water supply.

Sylla says: “You can give food but water is essential. Without water, you cannot cook, without water you cannot wash your clothes, you cannot also clean your facility. And so, water is essential in the fight against CONVID-19.”

“We all must join hands and help the government in eradicating COVID-19 out of Liberia. We are providing this safe drinking water to make sure our people are safe, to make sure our people do not go through the many challenges during this difficult period of the coronavirus.”

“This initiative is to serve humanity. This is the time for all of us to step up when the country is faced with challenges, especially when we know the vulnerability of our people. So, when God blesses you there is a need to give back and for us it is just a matter of us serving our people,” he added.

H. Bashelu Kromah is a resident of Front Street. He sells water in his community but because of the lockdown he is unable to get water for sale.

Kromah sells one six gallons container of water at the price of 70 Liberian Dollars.

“I sell water in this community. And at this point, the numbers of gallons you see here today show that water is the major challenge for the people of Front Street and the entire Central Monrovia,” Kromah said.

Vivian Love Davis is movies actress. She wakes early just to get water for her household, she said.

“I am overly happy because water is very hard to get. We buy water $70.00 Liberian Dollars for a gallon. So, today I am seeing free water, I am so happy,” Davis said.

Susan Tukue, a mother of 4, says she since her seven years as resident on the Front Street, water has been a serious problem for them.

“We can get up 2am to get water from a far distance. The lockdown even make it worst. Drinking water, we cannot get it. We have to buy sacks of water before we can drink,” she said.

Tukue added: “I want to appreciate Mr. Sylla and this should not be the only time, I pray that he continue to help us with water. Water is life. So, whoever gives water gives life.”