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Liberia: Alliance For Transitional Justice Urges Gov’t to Take Practical Steps in Addressing Protesters’ Demands


Monrovia – The Alliance of Transitional Justice of Liberia (ATJL) is calling on the Liberian government to take practical steps in addressing the protesters’ demands as contained in their petition.

Report by Kennedy L. Yangian, [email protected]

The Council of Patriots which organized the protest said it has submitted its petition to President George Manneh Weah’s office and has given him one month, beginning Sunday, June 9, to address their demands, including dismissing Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah and Central Bank Executive Governor Nathaniel R. Patray, III.

Urging the government to treat COP’s petition highly, ATJL founder Jeremiah Swen indicated that during the June 7 protest, his organization focused on key indicators from the sides of the protesters, the government and its CDC sympathizers. Among the things they focused on included hate messages, propaganda and slogan, intimidation, arrest and provocation and the petition submission.

Swen spoke Thursday, June 13, at a news conference held at a local hotel when the ATJL presented its observational  report, which include pre and post monitoring beginning from June 3 to 9 as well as its recommendations to government on the June 7 protest to draw government’s attention on key national issues, including the worsening economy.

ATJL founder stressed that his observers observed a growing wave of insecurity leading up to June 7. He  attributed it to the rhetorics on various media platforms; adding: “The Alliance also observed a tremendous amount of hate messages, propaganda and divisive slogans.

“ These messages were overwhelming and controllably propagated, conveyed and expressed by the COPS, protesters, government, the CDC and its sympathizers of and against the protest, with no regard for peace and stability, the rights and dignity of the society, especially senior citizens and adolescent,” stated Swen.

He condemns the act of violence, provocation by the government and the unlawful behavior exhibited by students and supporters of lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah at the LNP headquarters as a matter of expediency.

He stated further that the Alliance believes that the search and seizure warrant done by the police at the home of lawmaker Kolubah should have been delayed so as to maintain and or consolidate the security climate of the state, preserve police-protesters relationship and maintain the peace.

The Alliance of Transitional Justice’s founder further stated that in keeping with the historic, strategic and critical nature of the June 7 “Save the State” Protest, the petition and unforeseen circumstances surrounding the adherent and post-protest environment made a four-count recommendations.

Swen’s Alliance recommended that the government embrace the petition in the spirit of nationalism and take practical steps to address the issues therein.

Also, they recommended that COP and the government develop and sustain a mutual path of dialogue to critically assess and practically align petition counts base on sincere reasoning and time frame and that the government and its supporting institutions avoid and or curtail any provocation exchanges with COP.

They also called on COP and supporting stakeholders to refrain from all inciting and hate messages to the leadership of the country but lead a path of criticisms driven by morality, ethical standing and constitutional adherence.

“Last, the protest became a history of peace, mutuality of our democracy and restoration of national dignity because all Liberians chose peace over temporary self-glorification,” Swen added.