Liberia: Aggrieved Residents Protest in Demand of Electricity

The residents placed a roadblock on the main route from Jalloh Shop Community to other places, causing several vehicles to remain in a queue for hours

Paynesville- Officer of the Liberia National Police on Monday, March 2, arrested several residents of the Jalloh Shop Community along the Pipeline Road, Paynesville, following protest over demand of electricity.

 The residents said their demand for electricity in the community was becoming long overdue, while few higher-ups up government next-door to them are having access to electricity.

The residents placed a roadblock on the main route from Jalloh Shop Community to other places, causing several vehicles to remain in a queue for hours.

The residents placed specific reference to National Port Authority Managing Director, Bill Twehway, whom they alleged is benefiting from electricity while they remain in darkness. 

Richard Jallah and several others were arrested and taken away to unknown destinations by LNP officer after their action resulted to serious congestion along the Pipeline Road.

They complained that the lack of electricity has resulted to them using commercial current which is too costly for them.

The road is located in Montserrado County District Number Three and the main route for people commuting from Paynesville to Somalia Drive, Monrovia and other places.

One driver who spoke with FrontPageAfrica during the protest, Samuel Kellesr said the action has caused a serious delay for him and others.

However, Daniel Deshield, District Coordinator of Montserrado County said the citizens concern is ‘cardinal,’ because the hydro tension line of the Liberia Electricity Corporation passes through the district and residents are not benefiting from electricity.

“This same district also hosts the site for the waste management program, in Wein Town and that government should come to the rescue of residents.

Deshield said the residents were peaceful while staging the protest and he sees no reason while police will arrest them for speaking out.

“They were peaceful and their action did not lead to any casualty, but we are surprise to see officers of the LNP arresting them,” Deshield noted.

“Every citizens must be treated equally and no one man is better than the other.”

He expressed frustration over the fact that the community also hosts the pipeline for water supply to Monrovia when it lacks pipe-borne and electricity.

Another resident, Moses Mator said they were disappointed while few people were enjoying electricity comfort while several others remain in darkness.

“This is total discrimination and we cannot bear it any longer. We are calling on President Weah attention to our plight,” Mator stated.

Mato said, in spite of the “arrest and intimidation” by LNP, residents will continue coming out until President Weah take an action to address their plights.