Liberia: Aggrieved Enumerators Storm LISGIS for Balance Payment after Conducting Census


Monrovia – Aggrieved enumerators who recently conducted the census on Monday stormed the head office of the Liberia Institute for Statistic and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) in demand for payment for the conduct of the 2022 census.

The aggrieved enumerators, for most of the working hours, hampered the smooth operations of LISGIS on Tuesday.

By J.H. Webster Clayeh (0886729972)-[email protected]

According to the group, they got 25 percent of the money before the conduct of the census. Since then, they have not received the remaining 75 percent of the pay. They are over 200 people who have not gotten their pay.

Selekie M. Touray served as a supervisor in the Borough of New Kru Town during the conduct of the 2022 population census.

“Having been under the sun for more than one month during that hard job such as that census -where you will be sent more than two times to do get the correct data and later on other people have been paid and you as the supervisor have not gotten your pay,” Touray said.

He said since December 5, 2022, they were given two weeks to receive their money.

He added: “Several times we have come here, if they (LISGIS officials) don’t tell us that our name is misspelled, they will tell you that the mobile numbers we gave them are not working.”

“We are calling on the President to intervene. We do not want for Liberia to be the place where people protest before they can get their pay,” he further said.

Gorma D. Forkpa is one of the enumerators. Since the end of the census, she is yet to receive her pay.

“They told us right after the work is done they will pay us. We have been waiting for our pay while other people have gotten their money,” Miss Forkpa said.

She added: “We took money from people and the process had ended but we can’t get the money. The people are embarrassing us for the money we owed them.”

Real Dean is another enumerator. Dean said he has been to LISGIS head office more than five different times to get his pay something he frowned on.

“We work for our money and so we must be paid. LISGIS needs to tell us something about our money,” Dean said.

He added: “This is our country and we love it. But over time we young people have been labeled as violent people. But we want to say that we are not violent.”