Liberia: AB Kaydea Clocks 50; Shows Gratitude for an Eventful Journey


MONROVIA – A prominent son of Grand Gedeh County, Mr. Abraham Kaydea has cited gratitude as the bare rock for favor, blessing and protection in life.

Reflecting on his 50th birthday (October 31, 202), Mr. Kaydea reminded his friends, relatives and loved ones about the importance of showing appreciation and/or gratitude to parents, guardians and others who God brings in one’s life to serve as the pillars of motivation and protection.

He recalled that all God-believing religions in the world subscribe to the belief that one who appreciates little favors and gestures stands to benefit from the bigger ones.

Kaydea called on Liberians to always show gratitude to members of their families and communities whose little interventions propel the path to success in whatever an individual sets out to pursue for the greater good of society.

“I’m sincerely honored and delighted to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who reach out to me on my birthday (October 31, 2020) and wished me a happy birthday through Facebook, text messages, WhatsApp, phone calls, on the streets of Monrovia, and everywhere. Your messages and calls meant a lot to me”, Kaydea averred.

He also recognized his disadvantaged brothers who remembered him on the day of his birth; terming their gesture as amazing and far-reaching.

“To my dearest and caring partner, my three BFF, SAMMIE, AGATHA, and LYDIA, I say thanks for all the support, care, and affection you show me daily. To my beloved cousin Bernice, what can I say? I love you, and I say thank you. Nehemiah, Chu chu, Amenchi, let keep on the peace, joy and affection for each other. To my senior brother Gabriel Sayee, with whom I share so much joy and admiration, I say thank you so much and I will keep following your footstep as a gentleman”.

50 years, according to Mr. Kaydea, is not an easy or ordinary age to reach in life; reflecting that during these years, too many people had good deals of impact and influence on his life for him to reach where he is today. “I am extremely grateful to my parents, especially my mother who had to put a polio child on her back for years; I say, Mama, thank you for everything. Your care and sacrifice are beyond measures. During this 50th birthday, I say thanks so very much. You are a true definition of a mother”.

“To my father who always had my back in good or bad times, I say I love you and miss you every day I breathe. My uncle Borbor, who always encourages me to be focused in life and assure me that I can do anything in life with determination, I say, thank you. You are one of the reasons for motivation and determination in life”, 

He thanked his brothers and sisters, who always support his decisions in life and always being the source of his happiness and strength.

“I also thank all of my friends from grade school to adulthood that made sure I was not looked down upon or considered an outsider because of my disability. I say thank you. My brother Elwood, who became a pastor, and with whom I share most of my childhood days, I say thank you. From my kindergarten class in Gbarbea School, meeting Nortu, to SPS where I met Churchill, JJ Roberts, where I met Papee, Boy blue. Also, not forgetting Hattie at MC, who will bark at anyone who said anything negative or aggressive about AB. At Ricks institute, my boarding school brothers, Olotu, Nixon, and my cousin Sunny boy who used to hide the food and say, we ran out of food.  Not forgetting Southbank International School in England, where I was the oldest in the entire school that shaped my thoughts in many positive ways and had made my life better today, I say thank you”, Kaydea said in an impassioned mood.

Mr. Kaydea expressed heartfelt thanks to all of his good and loving friends with whom his association at different levels proved worthy.

“It’s worth knowing you guys and associating with you at different levels. You have demonstrated true love and concern for me. Let our relationship grow stronger than ever before. At age 50, I have taken a lot of time to look back and see where I have come from and where I am today, thinking about what I will be in the future. Your association and interaction with me at different times of my life had contributed to my present condition. You all are worth being my friends. I value our relationship and wish all of us well as we go through life journeys”.

“To my girls, I say I love you and you can count on me as I counted on my father in good or bad times. Also, my daughter, Gabrielle, I love you,” Kaydea, in a solemn and pensive mood.