Liberia: A Newly Established State-Of-The-Art Hospital Opens To The Public In Sophie Community


MONROVIA – The GIMS Hospital established under the ‘Gomez Institute of Medical science’ in the Sophie community of Monrovia, is offering some of the difficult-to-find medical services in Liberia with the use of modern medical equipment at an affordable price.

By Henry Karmo, [email protected]

Mr. Anuroop H Gomez if the founder and President of the Hospital. According to him, the Hospital has some of the best equipment and medical staff from around the world. The Hospital provides 24 hours service to the public.

“We have a plan to provide treatment for illnesses that people most often travel to other countries for. We want to be able to treat heart surgeries and cancer treatment. We have a pool of specialist doctors from Ethiopia, Ghana, India, and Nigeria.”

According to Gomez, the hospital is affordable despite the services. He believes most hospitals in Liberia might have some of the best equipment for providing medical services but the knowledge to operate them has been a major challenge and that is what sets GIMS Hospital apart from other hospitals.

He wants to help change the mindset of the public in Liberia about how they view local hospitals by restoring their confidence and providing some of the services they will normally travel abroad for especially Heart Surgery and Cancer treatment.

Since its establishment, the hospital has treated, high blood and low blood pressure, diabetes and cancer, according to Mr. Gomez. “GIMS hospital is here to change lives. Visit us in the Sophie Community just around the Vice President’s home for state-of-the-art medical services in Liberia; you don’t have to travel to get all your specialized diagnoses… it’s all here at your doorsteps.”