“Let’s Maintain Peace at All Cost,” President Weah Tells Guinean Counterpart


CONAKRY, Guinea – On the first day of his first official state visit to the Guinean Capital Conakry, President George Manneh Weah ran into a colorful welcome ceremony where the Government and people of that country crowned him with the highest honor for any visiting head of state and he used the occasion to drum up solidarity and brotherhood between the two Mano River countries and peoples.

He said peace in both Liberia and Guinea and the entire West African region must be maintained at all cost as it is essential for growth and development which everyone yearns for.  

The Liberian leader told a hall full of Guinean politicians, prominent citizens and foreign dignitaries that the way to ensure lasting peace is to observe the rule of law, and to embrace all the tenets of democracy, where the rights of each and all citizens are protected under the law.

He said “our region and countries are safer when democracy is practiced”, calling for a strategic partnership to protect the porous borders between the two countries, while at the same time ensuring the smooth and efficient migration of the people as they seek their livelihood through cross-border trade.

He added: “We must re-kindle and strengthen our bilateral relationship in the interest of regional peace and security. We must put back on track those things that will work to our mutual benefit, and restore the close ties that have been allowed to drift somewhat apart.” 

President Weah bemoaned the nonexistence of “direct transport between our two countries, either by air or by rail,” adding that “It is now necessary, and timely, for us to re-connect our two countries, so as to facilitate the free and efficient movement of people and goods.” 

He termed his visit to Guinea an opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation that already exists between Liberia and Guinea, pointing out that stepping on the soil of Guinea to meet with President Alpha Conde signified that the two leaders were following the once enviable friendship between two their illustrious predecessors, President William V. S. Tubman and President Ahmed Sekou Toure.  

The Liberian Chief Executive said the collaboration between the governments of Liberia and Guinea over the years produced many new ideas, policies, and programs that have had far-reaching positive consequences for West Africa and the entire continent. 

Dr. Weah urged his Guinea counterpart for the renewal of the solid tradition of brotherly friendship between their two countries.