Lawrence Bropleh Craves Public Servants to Uphold Reconciliation


MONROVIA – Former Information Minister Lawrence Bropleh says Liberians are faced with a herculean task of pushing collective interests over individual interest; as such citizens no more care about problems confronting others.

Speaking Thursday at the celebration of International Day of Peace in Buchan City by the Faith and Justice Network of Liberia, Bropleh said it was nonessential to have an “All Liberian Conference” calling on citizens in the country to do self-reconciliation firstly against vices that tend to taint the country negatively.

The Celebration of International Day of Peace by the Faith and Justice Network was done in collaboration with the Inter-Religious Council Of Liberia, Association Of Evangelicals of Liberia, Ecumenical Women Organization and Liberia Council Of Churches.

He said it was unfounded for citizens to not care about the problems of others, once it doesn’t affect them.

 “We are interested in the ‘We Theory,’ when the violence is not at our door stairs, we don’t care. People come to me and say Dr. Bropleh, we need reconciliation in Liberia, but I say if you want to reconcile, firstly reconcile with yourself with the vices that are causing you to be destructive against your neighbors,” Bropleh stated.

According to him, reconciliation without the intent of abusing young children, without the intent of exercising undue power as public a servant and corruptibility out of the way you live should be the hallmarks of everyone.

Bropleh further noted that no nation can be built if the mindsets of its people are not built, stressing that in the absence of such, development will never be recognized by those who feels dissatisfied.

The Liberian former Information Minister under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration maintained that the World of International Day of Peace is seeking recovery, because its people have broken each other.

He said: “You cannot be peaceful, until you feel a sense of belonging and responsibility.”

Also speaking at the occasion, the Secretary General and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Evangelicals of Liberia Rev. James T. Cooper, Sr., noted that it is important to ensure development in the midst of chaos, where there are many challenges and those who aspired development, may not be in the right frame of mind to understand the context of that development.

“You cannot have peace without sustainable development and you can only have sustainable development when you have peace, because development and peace work hand-in-hand,” Rev. Cooper said.

He noted that there is a need to pay key attention to what he calls, “the unjust system, that marginalized certain groups and social and structural norms that direct violence.”

Going forward, Rev. Cooper sees it prudent microscope the Judiciary, Health, Education Governance as well as the justice, security and political system and to address vices within these sectors in order to ensure peace in the country.

According to him, it is incumbent on everyone to participate in ventures that will promote peace and create a sustainable environment, a responsibility that considers government, religious community and every citizen.

“We must seek peace with our creator firstly and secondly with ourselves, other and the environment,’ Rev. Cooper stressed.

According to him, failure on the part of government to achieve peace in these areas, every development will be undermined and move at a slow pace.

Rev. Cooper encouraged Liberians to uphold self-confidence that all is not yet lost, while at the same time treating others with dignity and respect.

To ensure a peaceful environment, he noted that the state must have a well-functioning government with an impartial judiciary, justice, health and education system that is equipped.

At the same time, he noted that government must not be for the selected few, particular ethnical group, region or political party, but a government of the republic.

Meanwhile, Rev. Cooper wants government use its competent and resourceful citizens, regardless of tribe, political affiliation and should not be denied the opportunity to serve or force to join a political party.

The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia Secretary General also frowned at ‘partial justice system,’ where the poor will not have fair justice, but only those considered being worthy.

Meanwhile, while Rev. Cooper believes democracy is not the best government, he sees it as a best option.