Kaddieyatu Findley Rejects Husband’s Request for Divorce, Tells Court She Still Loves Him


MONROVIA – Mrs. Kaddieyatu Darrah Findley, the wife of former Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Findley, is resisting his petition for divorce filed before the Sixth Judicial Circuit Court, claiming she still loves her husband though he has been involved in several extramarital affairs.

Mrs. Findley was the special assistant to former President Charles Taylor. She has been married to Mr. Findley since November 4, 2000. Mr. Findley’s request for divorce, according to the court records, is due to incompatible temper.

Mrs. Findley, however, denied she has been “quarrelsome and pugnacious to the extent that living together as husband and wife became terribly unbearable”.

She disclosed in her response to the court that in December 2004 upon her return from the United States where she had successfully undergone treatment for breast cancer, she observed that her husband had changed his attitude towards her. She later discovered that he was engaged in an extramarital affair with one Angel Bull and used their resources to purchase a vehicle for her. Bull was later involved in a motor accident on Christmas Day that year, in consequence of which three persons got killed. 

She further alleged that after the demise of Angel Bull, Mr. Findley commenced and engaged in another extramarital affair with one Tenneh Rose Blackie, the best friend of the late Angel Bull, and begot three children in the relationship – two girls and a boy, born in 2009, 2013 and 2015, respectively, in violation of his marital vows and the laws of the Republic of Liberia. She promised to produce evidence of this allegation during the trial.

She added that Mr. Findley is currently involved in another extramarital affair with Lydia Garnett-Sherman, and both have been and continue to cohabitate, residing on the road leading to RLJ Hotel, Paynesville City

According to her, despite all these extra marital activities and children begotten in one of said relationships, she has been a faithful, loving, caring and respectful wife to Mr. Findley in keeping with her marital vows to him. 

She added that evidenced to how respectful she has been to Mr. Findley, she entrusted the management of her affairs and businesses to him. She said he managed Hotel Kamoma and a property lying and situated on Tubman Boulevard directly opposite the Ministry of Health Building, Congo Town, both belonging to her.

Mrs. Findley stated that in 2015, she confronted her husband who is now seeking divorce about the birth of his third child with Tenneh Rose Blackie. In response, he told her to do whatever she wanted after which he left his marital home and refused to return. She added that she has been pleading with him for his return but to no avail. She further alleged that he has failed and neglected to provide support, care for her in violation of his marital obligations and duties to her as his wife.

She denied allegations that she threw his belongings out of their marital home, claiming that she loves his “so dearly” and has not, and will never engage in conduct or acts that will bring the him to public ridicule.

Mrs. Findley, therefore, called on the Court to dismiss the complaint on grounds that the allegations contained in it against her cannot be substantiated.