Ireland welcomes Liberia’s partnership; Receives letter of credence from Liberia’s Ambassador


MONROVIA – The Republic of Liberia is now fully represented in Ireland after the presentation of credentials to the Irish Government by Liberia’s Diplomat, Her Excellency Ambassador Gurly Gibson-Schwarz.

The President of Ireland Mr. Michael D. Higgins welcome Liberia’s partnership, says his country looks forward “strengthening the already great ties between our two countries”. He made the statement Thursday, July 7, 2022 when the Liberian envoy to the U.K Ambassador Gurly T. Gibson-Schwarz presented her letters of credence to him in the capital Dublin.

President Higgins said he looks forward to continuing the collaboration with Liberia to promote gender equality; advance human rights; and stop SGBV.

He spoke of the Irish Defense Force involvement in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force during the Liberian crisis. And he is pleased that Liberia is peaceful and stable.
“Now that you have presented your credentials, I look forward to more engagement,” He promised to visit Liberia soon.
For her part, Ambassador Schwarz said she looks forward to President Higgins’ visit to Liberia.
President Higgins extended best wishes for President George Manneh Weah and the people of Liberia.

During her presentation Ambassador Schwarz highlighted that Liberia has made great progress in putting women in leadership positions and she was one example of that, being the Liberia Ambassador to the UK and Ireland and she is honoured to represent Liberia in Ireland.

Ambassador Gibson Schwarz said: “Liberia will continue to collaborate with Ireland to advance human rights, Protect Liberia and Ireland’s shared democratic values; Promote gender equality; Help stop SGBV, and increase trade and investment for mutual benefits of our two countries,”
The Ambassador extended greetings from H.E. President George Manneh Weah for the personal well-being of President Michael Higgins and that of the people of Ireland.

She however recounted Ireland’s role in Liberia with the United Nations Peace keeping mission from 2003-2007 where Ireland helped reformed the Liberia sector.

Ireland also supports the Liberia developmental agenda through Irish Aid. Ireland supports Liberia’s Health and Education sectors.

Ambassador Schwarz said it was her pleasure to be designated as Liberia’s Ambassador to Ireland and promised to do all she can to advance human rights, and promote gender equality.
She added that Ireland is Liberia special friend which Liberia does not take for granted.

The ambassador promised to return to Ireland soon to begin talks to enhance and strengthen the relationship.

The Ambassador also had meetings with the Irish Foreign Ministry Department of West Africa and looked to collaborate on many fronts including increasing trade and investment and strengthening the SMEs which are the engine of growth and have the capacity of creating jobs and strengthening the economies.

Ambassador Schwarz said it is important for the good people to understand that Liberia is open for business and want to see more Irish businesses in Liberia where there is a potential for high returns on investments.

The Liberian envoy however welcome UK Chamber of Commerce to look to Liberia as a destination to expand their businesses.

Liberia is an emerging market and endowed with natural resources-Forests, gold, diamond, iron ore, and thousands of skilled people ready to work where labor is inexpensive, the US$ a legal tender alongside the Liberian Dollar, English the first language, and close proximity to Europe.