Healing Liberia Foundation Launched with Emphasis on The Sick And Ailing


Monrovia – Seeing an unfortunate rise in sicknesses, especially among the less fortunate in Liberia, Benita Urey saw the need to jumpstart the Healing Liberia Foundation, she says is committed to providing medical support and care for struggling Liberian youth up to the age of 25.

At the official launching of the foundation last week, Ms. Urey lamented that the country has been covered completely into politics and leaving the hopes of scores of Liberains languishing at the bottom of the economic ladder to chance. “Being a humanitarian in such a politicize country, leaves room for insult, attacks, and unnecessary accusations, but I want to say here that if saving lives has to do with politics, as well as insults, then we need more of this politics in our country”.

Mr. Musa Bility, Chair of the Liberty Party, who served as chief launcher, pledged US$4,500 to the foundation and gave assurances that his office will always be opened in supporting the foundation as long it keeps the promise of providing medical supports for the underprivileged.

At the end of the night, the foundation raised more than $US18,000 which according to Ms. Urey will be used to help numerous Liberians around the country.

Ms. Urey averred that through outreach programs and social media, her foundation  intends to help a minimum of four (4) patients each month. “The Healing Liberia Foundation is the first foundation of its kind in Liberia that will be run by young Liberians who are passionate about helping their peers. This NGO will go on to provide life changing surgeries and medication for hundreds of young Liberians with the help of our donors.”

The foundation’s head paid homage to her family and supporters for answering the call to join hands in making sure healthcare is accessible and affordable for young people across Liberia who are in dire need.

Ms. Urey said since the foundation started it has embarked on an outreach program to various parts of the country including as far as Grand Gedeh and as close as West Point. “We have saved lives and watched painfully as young, promising lives were lost. Although we faced many challenging times, especially those times of wanting to help and not having resources to, God has always worked through good people to keep our work going and saving lives. From day one, we have loved the work we do and we continue to accomplish exactly what we planned to do and believe we are destined to do- help Liberians.”


From the very first time I moved back to Liberia after the civil war, I knew that I was blessed and I knew I had to share my blessings with others. Some of our initiatives include: Helping pay medical bills for children who could not afford their bills, paying tuitions and reaching out to sea erosion victims in West Point, New Kru Town, Buchanan and Robertsport. These are things I love doing and continued to do for over a decade. 

Ms. Urey said personal contributions have not been enough to address the growing need of kids who lack access to healthcare, some of whom died right under our watch. But expressed confidence that with the help of donors and supporters the results will be different.

“Going forward, all I can offer is to work as hard as we can to do our part to make Liberia a better place, where incidents like these won’t ever repeat themselves. Our intent is to reach out to every ill person before it is too late. The Healing Liberia  Foundation aims to be able to help young people, especiallly children get the healthcare they so desperately need.”

Ms. Urey expressed regrets that many victims have been abandoned due to the lack of adequate help. “People like Comfort, Christiana, Orjay and more who needed to undergo life-changing surgeries but couldn’t and can’t afford to pay the bills. There are too many Comforts out there and our main goal is to urgently reach them. How do we intend to attain this goal? Well, with your help we will reach out to as many communities as possible in search of patients who may need our urgent help. With the doctors we have partnered with, we will be able to help hundreds, if not thousands, of underprivileged kids.”

She paid homage to her parents, businessman Benoni Urey and mother, Mai for always teaching her to lend a hand to others in need.

Said Ms. Urey: “While many of us may look at this as just a foundation launch, hundreds of people look at this as an opportunity to live. An opportunity to breathe. An opportunity to survive. Each of you here today have automatically helped to ensure no kid dies from a curable disease just because the parents can’t afford to pay the bills. We will only succeed if we continue to work together.”