Liberian Boxer Freddy Kiwitt Secures Comeback Victory


Hamburg-Liberian international boxer Freddy Kiwitt has secured his third successive win of the year after a comeback win over Ivan Rafael Matute Villanueva of Venezuela.

The Liberian Boxer went into the fight with less expectation from his fans because of his health condition.

The fight was however delay first because his opponent from Venezuela, who lives in Spain, was too heavy and then he came too late from the hotel into the hall. However, the fight still took place as planned and had a clear winner in Freddy Kiwitt.

But there was also a long time of uncertainty about Freddy Kiwitt’s state of health. Whether he could come back into the ring after his slipped disc was in the stars for a long time. 

“Boxing won’t work anymore,” a doctor in Flensburg told him, warning that another hard hit could result in paraplegia. “But if you believe in yourself, everything is possible,” said the now symptom-free “Pretty Boy” after his comeback fight in Hamburg at the Mikron of Universum. A bold “Believe” was also emblazoned on his T-shirt and combat pants. 

Speaking after his victory Kiwtt said “During the fight I heard my mother more than my trainer. But I’ve gotten used to that,” Freddy Kiwitt quipped after his win over the “destroyer” Ivan Rafael Matute Villanueva.

 For a long time it was questionable whether Kiwitt could even fight a comeback, because the day before his opponent weighed 4 kilos too much. On the night of the fight he was late and had little time to prepare, but the planned fight finally took place.

Matute without resistance  To the gentle sounds of Maxebce Cyrin’s “Clubbed to Death”, the “Pretty Boy” Freddy Kiwitt came to the ring and was able to put Matute in his place right away in the first round, who didn’t seem awake at all and hardly put up a fight. “He’s got a pretty blockhead,” Kiwitt said after the fight, alluding to the number of hits he was able to land. Matute only reacted to the hits by shaking his head, but he didn’t take any action himself. The fact that the passive boxer survived all eight rounds came as a surprise. “Maybe you could tell I was a bit rusty,” said Kiwitt, who won the fight unanimously on points. It was his third win in 2022. But the most important thing for Freddy Kiwitt: “I’m happy to be back.”