‘God Is Our Lawyer’- Church Refuses to Hire Lawyer to Plead for Jailed Pastor


Monrovia – Saint Assembly Ministry International, a ‘strange religious sect’ who’s pastor is embattled, following his incarceration for allegedly indoctrinating minors to stay away from school without the consent of their parents, has vowed not to hire a lawyer, claiming ‘God’ is his lawyer.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

The church made the statement to the Stipendiary Magistrate Eric Cooper of Paynesville City Court when he ordered the incarceration of their pastor.

According to the church, the Judiciary is compromised; therefore, they will not file a bond to secure the release of the pastor.

Twenty-year-old Pastor Patrick Gargar was imprisoned on July 14, 2018 and was requested to file a bond, but members of the church remain adamant, insisting that ‘God’ will fight their battle.

In a phone interview with FPA, a man identified as Ralph Dossen, son of the General overseer Robert Dossen, said they would not get a human lawyer.

“We told the police and the court that God is our lawyer,” he maintained.

According to Dossen, the legal procedure has been by-passed by the court and they will not honor the writ of the court.

He said the church told the court to deal with its representatives (not lawyers) but alleged that the court refused.

Dossen said the writ issued is meant to entrap the church.

“As a church, we have decided to turn the blind eye, and whatever judge is doing ‘God’ will judge them. Everyone involved in this case including Jackie Perry,” he said.

He said the jailed pastor would establish another branch in the prison.

“But our pastor who is in Monrovia Central Prison will also establish another branch because he will evangelize in the prison and we will win new souls.”

Recently Reverend Michael Degorl, Secretary General of the Liberia fellowship of full Gospel Ministers and Churches said it’s time that children at Saint Assembly Ministry International be de-oriented.

The Saint Assembly International Ministry came under the spotlight after several parents accused the church of indoctrinating young people, depriving them of education and proper behavior.

Rev. Degorl in an interview said the government through the Gender Ministry must take control of children and design a program to re-orient them as their doctrine is not only about religion but has an effect it has on the society.

“The victim needs re-orientation because their doctrine so far is about mental orientation so we need a program that will deprogram them,” he said.