Former Mines and Energy Minister Sendolo Says Education is Vital For Future of Young Generation


Paynesville – The first kindergarten graduation of Sajeon Academy International was held on May 31, 2019, on the campus of the school.

Report By Willie N. Tokpa , [email protected]

Sajeon as the school is commonly called was established in 2018 and operating from daycare to six grade with an initial enrollment of 118 students.

Ending the first academic year, Liberia’s former Land Mines and Energy Minister, Patrick Sendolo served as its first guest speaker at the graduation program where eight students satisfactorily fulfilled the course requirements for the Early Childhood Education as prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Sajeon Academy International and were honored.

Mr. Sendolo challenged young people to take charge of the country’s future. He told a gathering of parents and students at Sajeon that Liberia is at a critical point and making decision aimed at addressing problems is vital, and the need to act quickly is important.

“We are at a point in Liberia where we have to make critical decisions. The hope we have to address the problem is the upcoming student generation,” Mr. Sendolo said.

Speaking on the school campus in the Rehab Community, Paynesville City during the first commencement program of the Sajeon Academy International, Mr. Sandolo said: “the young generation is considered important because the current generation is fading away while Liberia’s problem continues to grow bigger”.

Former Mines & Energy minister Sandolo speaking at the grduation ceremony

According to him, the hope of fixing these huge hitches faced by the country lies in the hands of the upcoming generation, which he said would require the collaborated efforts of every Liberian.

However, Sendolo noted that in order to reach that point, there is a need to  
effectively equip the upcoming generation.

Furthermore, the former Land Mines and Energy Minister added that adequate education would ensure informed decisions are made on how young people can shift the destiny of our country from its current devastating state to advancement.

“So, there is a need to equip them and the teachers, who are in the frontline in achieving this huge task”

He urged the kids, “respect your parents and study your lesson, adding, the more you put time to practice anything, the better you become at it.” “In order for you to reach your full potential, you must be sincere to yourselves and be practical at what you do.” He, on the other hand, cautioned the teachers to take the lead in preparing students, our future generation.

Speaking earlier, the valedictorian of Sajeon Academy kindergarten class Israel Devine Blamo underscored how quality education is important for Liberia, especially at this moment.

“A developing nation like Liberia needs to offer quality education to all school-age children. It will help them build a bright and great nation,” student Blamo stressed.

Little Blamo said ‘if we the kids must prepare for the future, then quality education for them must begin at the primary stage. He then lauded his school administration for the level of quality education being offered at the school, where students are challenged at every point of learning.”

“At Sajeon International, we learn with our heads, hearts, and our hands. We learn to think critically, to write and speak Standard English with other languages.” said the six-year-old student.

Students performing during the ceremony

“You (the school administration) are doing all these so that we can become great and productive future leaders.”

At the same time, the school proprietor, Mr. Jerry T. Taylor stressed that quality education is important for any given society, if that society is to flourish and glow.

Mr. Taylor argued that a nation with all of its natural resources may not do better in the absence of qualified human resource.

“There are many countries that do not have natural resources but have managed to skilled up their citizens and their quality of life is exemplar, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Taylor wants administrators of schools in the country to better improve their curriculum in order to provide quality education for the future leaders of our country.

For his part, the Principal, Mr. Mustapha M.M. Kanneh informed that the school is collaborating with Macmillan and Oxford text books publishers and full sets of books are given to each student, supplementing the national curriculum, where students are equipped to meet the challenges when they matriculate to other institutions, be it local or international. “I can assure you, Sajeon is providing the quality of education our children need for the future of our country. We are striving to be second to non in Liberia and we encourage you to follow our progress”