Former Central Bank Liberia Governor Weeks Requests Court to Fast-Track Hearing of the L$16Bn Case

In the motion, the defense team argued that since the former CBL governor was indicted, there has been no serious effort by the government to prosecute the case.

Monrovia – Former Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Governor Dr. Milton A. Weeks has requested Criminal Court ‘C’ to advance his case on the docket for the May Term for speedy trial.

Defendant Weeks made the application on Thursday, June 11, through a motion title:” Motion for the Advancement of Case on the Court’s Docket”.

In the motion, the defense team argued that since the former CBL governor was indicted, there has been no serious effort by the government to prosecute the case.

“Movant says and submits that the June 8, 2020 indictment makes it the third indictment that the respondent has issued, served and return and return served on him in more than year without any serious attempt to prosecute the case and or Grant him speedy trial as required by Article 20(A) of the 1986 Constitution and laws of the Republic of Liberia,” states the motion.

“Your Honor is kindly requested to take Judicial notice of the records of this court in particular respect of the series of indictments issued along with the writs of arrest and the length of time the defendant has been held before this court at the instance of the respondent without trial.”

Weeks’ lawyers also argued that the conduct of the State to repeatedly indict, arrest and seek their client (Weeks) detention on the same allegations and related charges without trial violates his dignity and right to speedy trial.

The defendant’s lawyer added that only the “court should exercise its good and sound discretion to advance the case on the docket such that the prosecution can prove its case and Movant can defend himself.”

The former CBL government is urging the court to use its discretion and schedule the case for hearing during this May term of court.

“[This] will send out a clear message to the prosecution and the general public that this Honorable Court cannot and will not be used or seem to be used as a vehicle through which the  State flagrantly violate the dignity and fundamental right of individuals including the right to speedy trial by keeping them restrained indefinitely without any effort to prove the crimes charged under the required standard of proof,” the motion states.

The defense team further argued that the only remedy available under the law to curtail and abate the State’s deliberate and continuous violation of their client’s right is to move the court for speedy trial.

Meanwhile, Defense motion was expected to be heard on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 but has been postponed until further notice due to ill health of the judge.

Dr. Weeks was indicted on June 8, along with other ex-officials of the CBL for the alleged commission of the crimes of Economic Sabotage, Fraud on the Internal Revenue, Misuse of Public Money, Property or Records, Theft/Illegal Disbursement of Public Money, Criminal Conspiracy, Theft of Property and Criminal Facilitation.

The indictment was issued on the former CBL Governor immediately after State prosecutors had dropped charges against him in the second indictment, making the current indictment the third. 

He was first arrested, charged, and taken to court in connection to the alleged printing surplus Liberian currency.